One Hat, Six Suits

Royal Hats Crown Princess Mary of Denmark relies on her black straw Susanne Juul hat for many occasions. While we have seen it at a number of memorial services and funerals (see here, here, here and most recently here) this hat has also accessorized outfits at numerous less sombre events. The ensembles seen here are quite diverse and include lace, tiered ruffles, a graphic wool check, and classic cut wool coats. I am curious, dear readers, which outfit to you think is best paired with this hat?

Flag Day in September 2009; At the opening of parliament in 2010, 2012

At the opening of parliament Oct 2013; Welcoming the Vietnamese President Sep 2013

UPDATE: Crown Princess Mary added a sixth ensemble to this lineup when she paired this hat with a purple dress and black jacket for an ANZAC Day ceremony on April 25, 2015

Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Scanpix, Corbis and Getty as indicated

22 thoughts on “One Hat, Six Suits

  1. The wrinkled skirt on the first one ruins the outfit. The blue coat is elegant but too plain. I think I would like the wine colored suit but without the lace blouse. That blouise is odd.

  2. I love the first grey outfit and all the black funeral outings. Mary is someone who knows what the word appropriate means. Also the word elegant.

  3. For me it’s a tie between the fourth outfit and the fifth. Both looks gorgeous. I’ve never really noticed this particular hat before, but it’s a very flattering shape for Mary.

  4. favorite outfit is the first gray ruffled one. The hat is also good with the last one, the blue coat. But really, the only one i don’t care for the hat is the burgundy or magenta suit.

  5. Not quite sure if I like the tiered skirt, but I love the way this looks with all the multiple tones of grey in the first outfit. In fact, the only outfit I don’t like with this hat is the second one, I don’t really care for the black accessories with the blue trim on the coat there. My favorite thing is that her hair is always styled perfectly for the hat.

  6. The hat looks beautiful on all the occasions you have shown but my favourite is on the Flag Day in 2009. I haven’t seen this photo and I follow most of the royal sites. Princess Mary looks stunning in this grey outfit and the black hat suits it perfectly.

  7. I feel I should like this hat, but somehow it leaves me completely cold. However, I do think it looks well with the blue coat, and it really looks excellent in the first picture with the grey dress and black jacket.

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