Birthday of Princess Stéphanie

Royal HatsPrincess Stéphanie of Monaco celebrates her 49th birthday today. Her age is rather shocking to me- I suppose just as many other elements of her life have been. While Stéphanie is many things (former pop star and fashion designer, circus advocate, single mother, princess etc.), a hat wearer she firmly is not. I would love to see her in  this hat from French millinery house Ségolène Création. It’s modern, bold, and edgy with a rock ‘n roll vibe- perfect for Stéphanie.

Ségolène Création

Photo from Ségolène Création

7 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Stéphanie

    • As I understand, the wedding was strictly a private event. Until official photos are released, I won’t be posting any here.

      I also understand that both Princess Charlene and Princess Stephanie had engagements booked this weekend which were set before wedding plans were announced.

  1. So glad to see Ségolène’s work on this blog! At least it is a milliner I’ve met and I can afford 😉 Not the best hat in her collections, though, but indeed a good one for Princess Stéphanie.

  2. I would be happy if she at least combed her hair for public events. She wears it slicked back so tight in a pony tail it does not look very polished or attractive. I’m not so keen on this green hat but I think it might work for her.

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