Birthday of Princess Beatrix

Royal HatsPrincess Beatrix of the Netherlands celebrates her 76th birthday today. Last year, we looked at her incredible wardrobe of hats (see here, here and here); while Beatrix has worn nearly every style (and shape and colour) of hat imaginable, she has settled into a familiar signature millinery “look” during the past decade. It is amazing to think of her venturing far away from this signature look but I would love to see her in something a little more linear instead of the rounded shape hats she usually wears- something like the “Sophie” hat by British designer Bundle MacLaren

Bundle MacLaren "Sophie" design

What hats would you like to see Princess Beatrix wear? Please link to original photos and credit the designers for each hat.

Photo from Bundle MacLaren

24 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Beatrix

  1. I also do not like the hat you chose for Princess Beatrix at all HatQueen!! That’s OK sometimes even you can get it wrong!! I think Princess Beatrix looks so good in medium colors. Most of the hats here are either very light or very dark. I prefer something in the middle.

  2. I like soft shapes and colors for Princess Beatrix. She is one of my favorite royal ladies and I think she would look beautiful in this hat.

    • Yes, Fabienne Delvigne could make some beautiful hats for Princess Beatrix. I like the hat presented by Hat Queen in slope shape with feathers. My choice for Princess Beatrix is the hat Mme. Chirac wore to the wedding of Princess Charlene and Prince Albert.

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