The Queen at Church in King’s Lynn

Queen Elizabeth was all smiles this morning while attending church at West Newton in King’s Lynn with the Duke of Edinburgh. Perhaps that was partly due to her new hat! When the Queen first wore this tweed coat last October, she paired it with a pink straw hat trimmed with a bow made of the same fabric as her coat. It now appears that she had both summer and winter hats made for this coat- the winter hat today in pink wool felt was trimmed with blue and brown feathers and wrapped in a felt braided cord around the crown. While I like the shape on Her Majesty, I think this hat would be much better without the feathers.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly. Made by Stella McLaren

Photos by Getty as indicated

6 thoughts on “The Queen at Church in King’s Lynn

  1. Hmmm…I don’t think it is too bad. I actually think she looks quite nice. I do not particularly like the neck wrap, but I think the hat looks fine with her outfit.

  2. The whole thing screams Angela Kelly, I’m sorry but the hat is a disaster and I’m not fussed at all on the coat. I think Angela does some lovely work but her hats are sometimes a bit fussy (exhibit a above).

    The Queen does suit this pink colour IMHO but I definitely think the coat and hat don’t match at all and the tweed, felt, fur, feathers combo is just too much!

  3. I’m very surprised. I thought this was a winner! She got a few tweedy numbers and I like her in the texture. I love the feathers in the hat picking out the colours in the tweed, and it’s a nice classic Queen shape.

    I will agree that the blak accessories and fur wrap jar though. The outfit is springy and these scream winter to me…

  4. I think she looks dishy! The feathers are fun and the pink is exactly right for her complexion. The black accents set the color off perfectly. And what about that smile?!

  5. While this second hat may not be the worst aspect of this outfit, it does its part.
    I dislike everything about this outfit: (1) the horizontal stripes of the coat do not match up with those in the sleeves, (2) the pink in the hat is too strong for the pink in the coat, (3) while the brown feathers in the hat do match the brown in the coat, both look totally out of place with the Queen’s ever-present black shoes and handbag — and the additional black neck fur for the cold weather. The wrapped braided cord does look like AK’s work.
    Since the Queen’s under such pressure to economize, I suggest she sell all parts of this outfit, including both hats. Maybe separately they can be repurposed for better use on someone who’s not photographed so frequently.

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