Princess Hisako Opens Tablewear Festival

Princess Hisako of Takamado attended the opening ceremony of 2014 Tableware Festival 2014 yesterday in Tokyo. She wore an oxblood wool suit with matching hat; the hat was unembellished except for a flat, upturned charcoal grey brim. I do not like beanie shaped hats for royal occasions and I’m afraid this hat does not change my opinion. What do you think?

Princess Hisako, February 2, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from The Imperial Family of Japan


4 thoughts on “Princess Hisako Opens Tablewear Festival

  1. I have to agree with hat queen on this one. Especially when paired with the high-necked blouse this rounded hat emphasizes her round face, and not in the most flattering way. My snarky side can’t help wondering if it was chosen for the occasion, however, as it appears she has turned a bowl upside-down on her head.

  2. Have to agree with you 98.3% of the time, and not just because you, the QUEEN, run such a fun and informative site. A beanie hat does look quite silly on someone of large stature, thinking of Daisy in her blue number. However, for me, this one is quite charming on the Princess. I like the entire outfit. The proportions of the body, to the suit, to the hat work in my opinion and create a lovely silhouette.

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