Queen Visits Military Base

Queen Elizabeth visited RAF Marham in Norfolk; for this full day visit (which included sitting down to lunch in the officer’s mess!) she repeated an oddly shaped hat we have seen a couple of times already. While the colour of her hat and coat seems very fitting for a military engagement, I am still not a fan of this hat.

 Feb 3, 2014 in AK | Royal Hats

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: November 29, 2013March 28, 2013

Photo from SAC Sandy Wright via EDP24

6 thoughts on “Queen Visits Military Base

  1. I love this hat. It has an interesting shape, and is a bit unusual, but the restricted colour palette mean it doesn’t appear over the top, despite the wonderful exuberant feather.

  2. This actually is a particularly flattering photo of the hat: it cuts off its top. As I remember from the last time this hat appeared on this blog, many people thought one of the hat’s chief problems was its exaggerated height. Cropping the photographs might be an easier fix, I guess, than remaking the hat to be shorter.
    The color is magnificent, though, although the Queen has a lot of nice hats in similar shades of bright blue.

  3. A great colour and I really like that jaunty feather. I don’t mind the teardrop shape but I agree it’s just slightly too tall…

  4. Love the color, but nothing else about this hat. Not a fan of the teardrop shaped hats at all…to jarring for my conservative taste!

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