Belgian Royal Couple Visits France

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium paid a one day official visit to France today.

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Queen Mathilde topped her new 1950s sillouetted pink coat with a simple pink felt calot hat.

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The star of this outfit is the bow on the coat and the unembellished hat balanced the whole ensemble. The look is classic and elegant, although a little sweet for my taste.

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Designer: Dior
Previously Worn: This hat is new

If given the choice, I would have preferred the wow factor on the hat but the whole outfit works well, don’t you think?

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18 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple Visits France

    • Princess Mathilde’s fashion choices really confuse me. Sometimes we see her in modern, bold looks and totally avant garde hats and then we have this side of her that is so sweet, refined and elegant. This hat and coat is a little too sweet and girly for me but with that huge bow, I really don’t think she could have worn any other style of hat.

  1. I ADORE this! Simply adore it. I don’t mind the pale pink as it looks good with Mathilde’s complexion. But really this silhouette would look lovely in any color.

  2. Love the colour and the petite hat ! The bow/coat is very similar to the dress Queen Maxima wore to meet the Belgium’s and that was Jan Taminau I believe – the handbag though is definitely Dior … Love !

  3. Beautiful combination. A small, calm hat does not distract from the dramatic dress. (You make a good point in suggesting that the opposite combination, dramatic hat with simple dress, might be preferable in general.)

  4. Okay, now I am truly at a loss. BECAUSE… what happened to certain colors worn in certain seasons? This is a lovely outfit for Easter and Spring. If anyone followed “color decorum” I would think it would be royals! I have also noticed this with the Queen (THE Queen Elizabeth). (I’m talking about color, but the color is on the hats as well.) Your thoughts?

    • I read bout this season/colour “rule” only on northern hemisphere sites. I think it’s a crazy notion. If you like a colour, wear it. I know their will be an historical reason for it. My conjecture? It was probably harder to launder and dry clothes back before clothes dryers etc in cold, wet climes, so darker colours in the colder seasons helped hide grubby marks etc. I haven’t met the colour police, so how does this silly nonsense carry on?

    • Even though I like this outfit, you have a point, one which has occurred to me upon occasion, including after viewing several of Queen Elizabeth’s outfits this fall and winter. Of course, we’re only seeing Queen Matilde indoors. She might have worn a dark-colored winter coat to get there. (I saw in a full-length photo that she was wearing black shoes — somewhat boring, actually, but it looked more like winter.) I think it’s the pink purse that makes this outfit looks particularly summery. The dress probably a heavy material, too hot to wear in warm weather.
      I would hate to think that one can only wear dark, depressing colors in winter, but I too am somewhat surprised whenever I see an outfit like this in winter. Queen Matilde could have saved it for a cold spring day, I suppose, but I do think the hat perfectly complements the dress.

  5. The hat is perfect for the dramatic day dress. I am not sure about the flared silhouette with the pink color, it reads a little too sweet for me, but I do love the color and fabric.

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