Birthday of Princess Marie

Royal HatsPrincess Marie of Denmark celebrates her 38th birthday today. French born Princess Marie is not what you would call a prolific hat wearer and tends to favour small straw berets, pillboxes or headband fascinators hats. While I was tempted to choose a traditional French cloche for Marie, I think she would look wonderful in a small percher hat like this one designed by Australian milliner Marilyn Van der Berg. The shape is perfect for a petite princess, the net overlay gives a decidedly modern touch, and the feather would add some much needed height to Marie- all while exuding a very chic French feel.

Rounella Marilyn Van dan Berg

What hat or hat designer would you like to see Princess Marie wear?

Photo from  Marilyn Van der Berg

21 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Marie

  1. I really want to see Marie in some saturated color. Blue is great on her and a small scale Philip Treacy would give her some presence.

  2. Marie’s hats have been pretty plain and boring. I agree that a smaller hat is better for her because she’s so tiny but a small hat can still be fabulous!

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