Belgian Royal Couple Visit Germany

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium arrived  in Berlin this morning for an official one-day visit to Germany.

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Queen Mathilde debuted a new hat – a beret/cap wrapped in pleated red fabric and trimmed with a stylized loop bow.

Sometimes, Mathilde’s monochrome ensembles seem overly matched but the mix of textures in this one really made it work. On it’s own, this hat is not one of my favourites but it complimented her dress and suit quite nicely. What do you think?

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne

Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Belgian Royal Couple Visit Germany

  1. I really like the idea of the pleating on the hat matching that on the outfit – it’s a way of tying them together that I don’t recall ever seeing before, very imaginative.

  2. She looks very elegant and chic…………..I love the color on her and the hat is great, not to big and yet not to small, just prefect.

  3. Good colour on her! It’s a lot of outfit with bright colour, textures, and features -pleats, pockets, collar, matching hat – but it works.

  4. She looks very polished and well put together. I agree that the gloves and purse are not to my liking, but the hat reflects the dress and jacket very well. Nicely done.,

  5. I don’t like choice of gloves and purse with this outfit, but everything else is fantastic, the hat especially: it mimics the pleats in the dress and on the collar of the jacket. It’s a polished look.

    • I think you nailed it. Overall the ensemble looks very elegant pairing those particular gloves and clutch in such a jarring colour is inexplicable.

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