British Royals at Commonwealth Observance

Members of the British Royal Family congregated at Westminister Abbey today for the annual Commonwealth Observance Service. Queen Elizabeth stood out in her beautiful watermelon pink rose hat (voted by you, dear readers, as one of your top 10 favourite royal hats last year). I always think she looks bright, cheery and so very lovely in this hat.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: October 29, 2013; October 1, 2013;  May 17, 2012

The Duchess of Cornwall debuted a new piece of millinery today. This hat featured a calot style base of ecru wool edged in monochrome wool leaves that swept around the hat to a tall peak. I’m not sure if this hat was supposed to look like a Roman crown of laurel leaves (think Caesar) or remind us of the spiky circle on the Commonwealth Flag but the odd shape and bland colour make me want to send this hat to a gardener to be pruned.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Camilla has a similar hat in blue

The Countess of Wessex repeated a beautiful cocktail hat with lace covered base and large looped bow. I thought it was a lovely compliment to her tailored coat dress and she looked beautiful. Perhaps some colour next time, Sophie?

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Designer: Jane Taylor. According to the designer, it is a bespoke version of the “Lauren” hat
Previously Worn: June 21, 2012

Today’s lovely royal hats seemed to create a lovely cream background against which Queen Elizabeth’s hat really stood out. Which one of the hats in this trio was your favourite?

Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “British Royals at Commonwealth Observance

    • Mine too. I like Sophie’s hat but I find it a bit too fancy with that very tailored (and slightly too short?) coat. I don’t “love” Camilla’s hat but I think she looks very smart all the same and it’s good to see an older woman playing the hat game.

  1. I love Sophie’s hat and it is my favorite. However, I do love the pink color of the Queen’s hat! I do not like Camilla’s hat at all. When I first saw it I thought of a moose’s antlers.

  2. If C’s hat is a nod to Commonwealth symbology, then kudos to her for that, otherwise between the leaves and her hair she looks like she got caught n a wind gust. I’d love to see a pic of her from her right side. Sophie looked okay, thought the hat was a little busy. Her Maj excellent as usual.

  3. The queen’s hat is outstanding in color and shape, however, here in southern Ohio, (USA) my wife still wears wool in March. Easter traditionally heralds the straw hats, and wool is worn starting in early September, after Labor Day (the 1st Monday). What are the rules or guidelines when choosing the fabric of hats in England? Do you refer to the calendar or merely the weather conditions?

    • I don’t know Jim Easter will be late this year but I am sure weather plays a part. Rain isn’t kind to straw hats. In England I would be inclined to follow the Queen’s lead. It is very rare for her to look inappropriate and if it is good enough for the Queen of England it would be good enough for me : )

  4. I try to find something to like about the hats people wear … really I do. But Camilla’s hat is just not working – the upsweep of the leaves doesn’t look quite right and it doesn’t suit her hair style. Sophie’s hat is beautiful and goes nicely with her coat dress. I think a pale mauve color in her dress would also complement the hat and not stand out too much color-wise. Of course, I love the Queen’s hat, and have nothing new to say about it!

  5. I agree with the theory that everyone’s out to make the Queen look the best. She did. Wonderful hat, but we’ve seen it enough for a while. Wish I understood how the rotation of the Queen’s outfits is determined.
    Sophie looked nice, even without color. I think Camilla always looks best in larger hats. She should shy away from anything remotely delicate, trendy or odd. This hat, while interestingly odd, seems not to suit what we believe her personality to be.

  6. HM is defininitely first pick, may be my fave of all her hats. Sophie a very close second. Can’t even fault the neutral color. She wears a lot of neutrals, but always keeps it interesting through texture. It is ideal for not upstaging the Queen. As for Camilla, I was going to give her points for trying something new until you pointed out she’s done this in blue as well. That being the case, I think the less said the better.

  7. I’d put money on the fact that (in the same way QEII is obliged to wear brights to stand out) Sophie and Camilla have been told by an adviser that they look excellent in neutrals/pale colours; and the trouble is that they’re sticking too rigidly to that advice. Camilla tends to have hats that have that sweeping-over crown; again, I suspect she’s been told they suit her face/hairstyle, but she’s gripping too tightly to that knowledge.
    They need to just loosen it all up, shake it out a bit, that’s all.
    Also, I must say, I love everyone’s look in these pics – as much as C always wears neutrals/pale, she does look good with it, and I for one like the hat shape. Ditto Sophie. 🙂

  8. Lovely hat on Sophie – but I think it might look better with a less severe hairdo. Not sure I like that shape of hat on Camilla – I think she looks wonderful in her usual larger hats. The Queen – perfect!

  9. Agree with you on D of Cornwall’s hat – not only a trim, but the cap part looks really off on her. That might be because we are used to seeing her full, tiara style hair. This hat sits too close to her head and for me, takes away from her hair design. The latter part of her hat reminds me of an old sleeping cap! I love Sophie’s hat and I don’t find fault with the winter white that. That and shades of nude to winter white were the hot colors for this winter season and we have see a lot of them on red carpet season. QEII looks amazing as we have voted in this hat and that color – it makes her smiler seem bigger and brighter!

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