Danish Queen Celebrates Church Centenary

Queen Margrethe of Denmark attended the 100th anniversary of Simeon’s Church in Copenhagen yesterday. For this centenary celebration, Margrethe repeated one of my least favourite hats. Hopefully, the festivities were not dampened by this rather unfortunate helmet.

Queen Margrethe, March 9, 2014 | The Royal Hats Blog

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: April 6, 2013March 21, 2013; October 23, 2012; October 20, 2010

Photo from Birger Storm via Billed Bladet

7 thoughts on “Danish Queen Celebrates Church Centenary

  1. Well I am going to be in the minority here. I think it is an elegant but whimsical hat on a tall handsome Queen known for her distinctive, slightly “out there” fashion. It’s a great colour with her silver hair and fair complexion and goes well with those fullish coat sleeves. Not a style for everybody perhaps but I think she looks as smart as paint.

  2. Beautiful Queen, hideous hat! I want to snip the antenna off with my scissors! Someone who loves her needs to tell her to burn it.

  3. ahhh, dipsy the ‘teletubby’ is back!

    you picked the wrong colour, i’m afraid, your majesty. limegreen please, next time 🙂

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