Gold Cup Day at Cheltenham

Princess Anne and Zara Phillips attended the Cheltenham Festival for the third consective day yesterday to take in the Gold Cup races. Princess Anne repeated a hat we have not seen on her for at least a decade- a black Homberg style hat with a studded band around the crown and slightly upturned brim on one side. One of our eagle eyed readers spotted this hat on Princess Anne back in 1969. That makes it at least 45 years old and cements Princess Anne as THE most enthusiastic royal fashion recycler. Hat recycling aside, I think this piece doesn’t translate well to current day and would have been best left back in the 1970s.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: John Boyd
Previously Worn: This event and this event in 1969.

Thankfully, Zara’s hat was more successful. She looked lovely in a dove grey “elegant velour felt circular dish with delicate hand dyed lace detailing”. While I prefer Zara in more saturated colours, the shape and detailing of this hat is exquisite.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Greta” design
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Gold Cup Day at Cheltenham

    • What an excellent find! If you look closely at this hat, the shape of the brim is the same and you can see the gold studs on the band around the crown. This is absolutely the same hat. This means we have a new record for Princess Anne- this hat is at least 45 years old. Wowza.

  1. I like Zara’s hat but it looks like it is resting on her sunglasses. This hat is much more attractive and flattering when worn without the glasses.

  2. Anne’s hat also made me think Canadian Mountie lol! I prefer Zara’s hat in the colour that Sophie chose.

  3. Well, why wouldn’t the crown of Princess Anne’s had have been crushed in storage over the past decade or two? She probably doesn’t have the storage facilities of her mother. Despite the “Only you can prevent forest fires” look, I think this hat actually isn’t so bad as some recent ones.
    Zara’s hat actually is attractive and goes nicely with her scarf.

      • I realize that and agree with you. (Nonetheless, if one keeps things for decades and doesn’t have one’s own caretakers, accident happen; and Anne probably wouldn’t throw away a hat just because it had been crushed and bent throughout the years!)

  4. Anne looks like a Mountie to me too, but I do love her, no matter what. She has the ‘take me as I am’ attitude that I love and she can wear 20 year old clothing and still fit into it! I’m green with envy! Zara looks lively and fun, and her hat fits her. I wish it were a bit brighter color to compliment her fabulous smile but I do really wish her sleeves weren’t so tight, I think she must have a sweater on under her coat. Thank you, as always, Dear Hat Queen for sharing these grand hats with us!

  5. Is this not the same hat Sophie Wessex wore in cornflower blue to Ascot last year?

    I’m a big Zara fan, but some of her appearances this week haven’t been great. It’s fab to see her out and about, and that she’s not crash dieting to shed the baby weight, but she’s looked a bit unkempt, and dare I say she’s gone back to her non maternity clothes just a little too quick? ( I might duck and run now…!!)

    • Good catch. I might not have noticed the shape was the same, since Sophie’s hat is straw and Zara’s felt. I agree with you about Zara’s outfit….the hat was lovely. The coat coat looked as though it had been wadded up in the back of a pickup – oh, make that Range Rover – for a while, and besides a pressing, could have done without the belt, since Zara is still carrying much of her baby weight. I have liked all of her hats this week, but perhaps something with more brim might balance out a wider bottom.

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