Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Visit University

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visited Royal Holloway at University Of London in Egham yesterday. The Queen repeated a vibrant blue woven straw hat. I have long admired the colour of this hat and the pattern of the woven straw, but am not sure about the bow or the bulbous shape of the top of the hat.

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Singing the registry gave us a view of the crown of this hat. I had long suspected the crown shape of this hat was similar to Angela Kelly’s other wrapped crown hats (see here) and this photo yesterday confirmed my suspicion. I think I would like this hat better with a simpler, flat top but the colour is magic on Her Majesty, who wears blue so very, very well.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: October 11, 2011; May 11, 2010; March 8, 2010; November 28, 2008

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Visit University

  1. The color is gorgeous on the Queen, but get rid of that bow Your Majesty! Something is wrong with the collar on the coat where the pin is located. Is it the pin not pinned properly? Or is the collar messed up somehow? Certainly not up to the standards of Queen Elizabeth.

  2. I think the hat is successful but would be moreso without the bow. And the color is great on HM. The rumpled collar where the brooch is not pinned correctly, however, is making my eyes twitch.

  3. I like to judge a hat in the context of the outfit as a whole and for me this is best done in a full length photo. On this occasion I think the length of the coat balances the height of the hat and reduces any “lampshade” effect. Also does anyone else think the woven straw effect is achieved with fabric over straw? The Queen wears blue so well.

  4. I remember the first time I saw this hat. (On another much mourned hat blog.) My immediate reaction was to hate it. Well I’ve mellowed. Lil obviously likes it, so that’s something. But it’s so, well, twee. That silly bow, the mad hatter shape. It could have been a lot better, alas not. Great colour, I’ll give it that.

  5. Lovely colour, and although the shape is a trifle Mad-Hatterish, I don’t mind it – adds interest to what is really quite a plain hat. It’s also interesting looking back at your post about wrapped crowns, as the ones you feature there are all asymmetrical, whereas this is a symmetrical version of the theme. I must say I’m so impressed by all the research you do and your prodigious memory for hat-related facts!

  6. I rather like the rounded top and I too love the color. The woven straw of the hat is attractive. Since the coat is so plain (looks like a blanket unfortunately), the patterned straw, rounded top, giant bow and rim strip around the brim of the hat add to the interest of the outfit, I think, rather than push it over the top.
    I’m pleased that the Queen is expanding her rotation of clothes to include more than have not been worn for years. I suspect that the royal closets are full of outfits unworn for years that warrant a repeat.

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