Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

Royal HatsGrand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg celebrates her 58th birthday today. Maria Teresa is not someone who shies away from fantastical and bold hats (remember this one and this one she wore last year?) but I find that more often than not, it is the dramatic hat that ends up wearing her and takes center stage. I would love to see Maria Teresa do away with large brimmed hats in favour of smaller but saucier cocktail hats in more flattering colours (no magenta please!) worn jauntily on the side of her face. British bespoke milliner Dillon Wallwork, designer of the pink cocktail hat below, would be such a dream designer for her. I think this hat would be lovely on Maria Teresa if it was in a warmer hued colour (brown, ochre, sienna or brick red).

Dillon Wallwork design

What hat designer or style of hat would you like to see on the Grand Duchess?

Photo from Dillon Wallwork Bespoke Hats

40 thoughts on “Birthday of Grand Duchess Maria Teresa

  1. I think Grand Duchess Maria Theresa would look nice in a headpiece flowered flowered like the one The Countess of Wessex wore to William and Kate’s wedding or like this one. It would frame her face but also give her some height.

    • I think both of these hats were designed by Jane Taylor (Sophie’s hat certainly was). I think this would be a beautiful hat style for Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, particularly to compliment some of her Armani and Elie Saab clothes.

  2. Dillon Wallwork is another brilliant designer suggestion for Grand Duchess Maria Theresa although I think this design would be better than the pink hat you suggest

    • I like that hat! Looking at the other suggestions, I can’t understand why no one has suggested a traditional hat with a brim. I think she would look very elegant in a simple, traditional hat like this one designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan

  3. This pink hat would be fine with just one of the bow loops but with the double set, it is too much. I would also like to see Grand Duchess Maria Teresa in a red hat. I think she would be beautiful in red.

  4. Love your blog but for just for the once cannot agree with you in the hat suggestion. I think she needs warm colours like Maxima, what about a hat in soft but warm yellow with a form that gives here some height.

        • No worries! I tried to find the exact hat we both envision but couldn’t quite find it. I suppose orange is not a colour most royals (or people in general) can or choose to wear!

    • The great British milliner Simone Mirman is quoted, “If your features are even, you can wear a small hat even though your face is large. A small woman can wear a big hat in spite of all the warnings against it; but it must be in proportion to her size. She should never try to wear a hat to make her look taller. She’ll fool no one about her size that way.”

      Grand Duchess Maria Theresa tried a tall hat last year on National Day and it was, ahem, not a success. I am afraid her lack of height is just accentuated with a tall hat.

    • Thank you. I agree on all accounts. When I saw that cotton candy spun sugar nightmare suggested for Grand Duchess Maria Teresa I thought that the good taste displayed in this blog had evaporated. HatQueen, you author and host a sublime medium for all things related to royal hats but I am afraid your hat choice in this instance is unforgiveable. Dela has rectified this horreur with this beautiful alternative suggestion. Thanks be.

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