British Royals Welcome Irish President

Queen Elizabeth II added another significant moment in history to her reign this morning with the welcome of Irish President Michael Higgins to Windsor Castle. This is the first official visit by the head of state of the Irish Republic to the United Kingdom and signified another step towards peace in Northern Ireland. For this important occasion, The Queen repeated the blue cashmere picture hat she first wore for Prince George’s christening back in October.

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I must admit that I like this hat much more today than I did during its first outing; the colour is beautiful on Her Majesty and the flower embellishment (made of feathers!) is light and perfect for a spring day like today. I like the delicate slope on the top of the crown and while the wool felt looks a little too fuzzy (and there is still that awful seam in the back), I thought this hat looked great on Queen Elizabeth. 

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren.  
Previously Worn: October 23, 2013

The Duchess of Cornwall wore her navy blue picture hat, a hat that looks beautiful against her blonde hair. While I am still not a fan of the sausage-like rope wrapped around the crown, I must admit that Camilla looked great. Since Irish-born Philip Treacy is Camillia’s regular milliner, it’s not surprising to see her one of his hats today but great for Irish fashion nonetheless.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: December 25, 2014; March 19, 2012

Irish First Lady Sabina Higgins was also in a Philip Treacy creation, a pale pink cocktail hat with dramatic pleated sculpture on the side. Say whatever you want about the washboard topping this hat – you cannot deny that Mrs. Higgins needed some steely confidence to pull of this hat and she did it! Paired with her impeccable Louise Kennedy dress and coat, Mrs. Higgins looked amazing and, most importantly, that she fit right in. I loved the guts it took for her to wear this hat and I am thrilled that she pulled it off so well.

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News reports are saying that Mrs. Higgins commissioned six Nessa Cronin hats for this visit so I think we are in store for some great British and Irish millinery over the next few days! What did you think of the hats we saw today?

9 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome Irish President

  1. I find Camilla’s hat and outfit dowdy and matronly. disappointing for a fan. Mrs. Higgins’ hat looks ridiculous to my eye. My first though was an Irish harp, god knows why. Anyway, for me it spoilt a pretty outfit. Lilibet is indeed writing history, marvellous. isn’t it? She looks so gracious in the photos, and perfect in that blue shade. Not to forget the small touch of green.

  2. I love the Queen’s whole look and her grand smile. Camilla does indeed look very smart although I share the misgivings about the velvet sausage. Just a bit too much stuffing perhaps. Mrs Higgins’s hat is attractive in a racy sort of way but in my opinion the colour and style don’t flatter her and make her look older than she probably is. I find her gloves are fussy and overdone rather than elegant.

  3. I continue to like the Queen’s outfit: excellent color, nicely shaped hat. After (what I think was) the faux-pas of the wrong coat for the hat when meeting the Pope, the Queen’s dressers got this combination right.
    The front-on photos are much clearer today than at the christening, and the feather embellishment looks excellent, much prettier than I’d originally thought it was. There are some far-off shots from the back, and that awful seam in the back of the hat isn’t visible (although I’m sure it’s still there). The first photos of that hat at the christening were unfortunate. (Are you sure this is Angela Kelly?)
    Camilla’s hat still would look better without the big sausage roll, but the outfit is impressive. Mrs. Higgins’ outfit is impressive too.

  4. MrFitzroy finds HM in one of the very rare times that feather flowers work well, and they are indeed lovely here. However, there is something about the design of the crown (or construction, or blocking) that makes it seem a notch wrong in the photos, like the whole thing is slightly off kilter or melting towards The Queen’s left (and not in a smart, intentionally asymmetric way). Picky I know, as the overall outfit is charming.

    The Irish First Lady should have tea with the Yorkie Princesses….they are clearly of a like mind, lord love them all. One imagines the two sisters and cousin Zara, standing quietly wide eyed, totally in awe of this hat!
    One chuckled about Princess P’s napkin motif comment below, but what a FABULOUS napkin (or samuri origami?), and worn with absolute conviction — as any statement hat must be! Three Cheers!

  5. I was quite surprised when you didn’t like Her Maj’s hat the last time. It’s a great colour and very elegant. I looks a lot more Rachel TM than Angela K (save the seam obv). It’s such a good colour on her and rather understated.

    Special props to Mrs President. She’s a very elegant lady.

  6. What a great feat for HM, and she looked like the cat that just ate all the cream in the bowl, she looks absolutely marvelous and her smile just lite up the room. Great looking hat she wore and the color is wonderful on her, matches her eyes, so very blue.
    DC, don’t like the hat at all, tooooo heavy on top and the First Lady of Ireland, well it sure took guts to wear that hat, not liking it at all, yet her gloves, now those I would like very much, so chic.

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