Lavender or Lilac?

Royal HatsWhen Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh travelled to Italy last week, a number of you noticed that The Queen paired her lavender coat with a different hat than she has worn with it before. After some further research, I have come up with a trio of mix and matched light purple ensembles that involve two coats and two Rachel Trevor Morgan designed hats. I am curious, dear readers- which combination of hat and coat do you like best?

Look 1: Collarless lavender coat with pockets and slightly darker lilac straw hat with white flowers worn to the Vatican, April 4, 2014

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Look 2: Visiting Howe Barracks in Kent on June 29, 2013 in the same collarless lavender coat but a different, lighter lavender straw hat with pink flowers. The colour match between the hat and coat are spot on, leading many of us to suspect these two pieces were created as a pair.

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Look 3:  A darker lilac coat with Nehru collar with the first lilac straw hat with white flowers for a two day Diamond Jubilee tour of the East Midlands on June 14, 2012. As with Look #2 above, the colour match between these two pieces leads many of you suspect they were designed to coordinate together.

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UPDATE: A fourth combination of these four pieces was worn over four years later!
Look 4: The darker lilac collared coat with the lighter lavender straw hat with pink flowers, worn for Derby Day at the Epsom Races June 2, 2018. Here is where things get interesting- this coat and hat also look like a great colour match. Perhaps the particular straw used on this piece reads as slightly darker or lighter, depending on what garment it is paired with?
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18 thoughts on “Lavender or Lilac?

  1. Outfit 3 is my favorite one. It is just perfect for the Queen, the color really suits her, the tilted hat is stunning,and not over-embellished, the coat is well tailored, and the Kent Amethyst brooch, all combine splendidly. Outfit 3 features the Nehru collar, which suits the Queen well. I don’t generally like collarless coats on anyone, as they somehow make you look under-dressed. I wish the Queen would venture into some new shoe and handbag styles.

  2. I don’t see any mismatch or mistake. I see an intention.
    Look at her brooches. She wore only amethysts with her lilac (darker) coat, but for the lavender coat she chose sapphire or diamond brooches. In Rome we saw a sapphire brooch, thus the lavender coat wasn’t a mistake.
    What was wrong with her lavender hat? Huge pink flowers! The queen needed an informal substitute for a formal black outfit with black lace. Delicate lavender flowers on her lilac hat was better choice in that situation.
    As a result we saw her #1 outfit.

  3. When I first saw the Queen with the President of Italy I thought she looked splendid. However, I do take Snug Harbor’s point about a possible mismatch of hat and coat although all three outfits still look pretty spiffing to me. However, I’ll give the prize to 3 by a short head. I am not worried by the buttons on coat 1 which I believe are “pearlised” and are probably not so obvious in some light. Matching or smaller buttons might look a bit flat.

  4. I like number 3. Not crazy about the color mismatch in 1. The color in 2 seems to be a bit pale and washes her out. 3 is well-coordinated and in a color that enlivens her. I also think the upturned brim gives her a little lift, though I very much like the shape of both hats.

  5. For me this is a great case study in why she gets a hat and coat made to match. Together they are perfect. Mixed up, there’s just a slight colour mismatch, and Maj always looks perfect. For the record, that number 2 is one of my favourite of her outfits – ever. She looks so elegant.

  6. My favorite is #3. I like its deeper color and the less noticeable buttons. I think the buttons on #2 are too large, too white, too prominent. I also prefer hat #3 to hat #2: the floral arrangement on #3 I find more appealing.
    I still have a sneaking suspicion that #1 is a mistake. If at the last minute a warmer coat (and #2 looks thicker than #3) was required, then why not switch the entire outfit, dress and hat included? Although “normal” people switch hats around all the time, the Queen does not. I think someone at the palace picked up the wrong coat.

  7. Combo 3 is my favourite. I prefer the richer shade of lilac and the white flowers on the hat make a unified ensemble, colour-wise.

  8. I like the coat with the collar best and I think I prefer the hat with the pink flower. I like the brim better on that one. But she has not worn these two together yet!

  9. I like the color of hat #1 best but the shape of hat #3 more. And coat #2 would be my pick. It’s interesting how close these outfits are and yet so distinct.

  10. Picture #3 is my favorite. I love the small collar versus the collarless! HM Queen Elizabeth is just too adorable and I love her! She is a treasure ! I just received my copy of “Dressing the Queen” and the inside peek at her clothes and hats is great fun!

  11. This was tough. I love the coat in #3 but also really like the hat in #2. It may just be the “in the moment” photography, but she look so much younger in #3 so I pick that combo as the winner for me.

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