Birthday of Queen Margrethe

Royal Hats Queen Margrethe of Denmark celebrates her 74th birthday today. As she is an accomplished painter and costume designer, it’s no surprise that Queen Margrethe wears more vibrant and creative hats than many other royals. I love her fearless style even though some of her fashion experiments are less than successful (remember this?). Danish milliner Susanne Juul is responsible for many of the beautiful hats worn by Princess Benedikte and Crown Princess Mary and I would love to see her clean, modern style and interesting shapes on Queen Margrethe. I think this modified fedora with a wrapped, textured crown in lilac straw would be striking on Queen Margrethe. As we celebrate her birthday today, what hat would you like to see this creative Queen wear?

Hat by Susanne Juul

Photos from Susanne Juul

39 thoughts on “Birthday of Queen Margrethe

  1. Maybe a smaller hat? I love the round white hat with fur that Queen Margrethe wears sometimes. This style might be nice on her but maybe in a brighter color.

  2. Pinterest surfing introduced me to Marie Galvin hats which are very beautiful. I think a small pillbox style hat like this one would be very elegant and flattering for Queen Margarethe

      • Is it ever! I found a similar style hat for Queen Margrethe in black and white check. She wears a lot of checks and plaids and I like the shape of this hat for her. It’s from an Etsy shop called Frida Volor. I also love the purple hat that HatQueen suggested and I like the red ones too

    • Laurence Boisson is the perfect milliner for Queen Margrethe. As for her hair, why not embrace a full-on turban? So chic.

  3. I can actually see Queen Margarethe wearing this hat and looking very good in it! The shade of purple is just gorgeous.

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