Hat from the Past

The Royal Hats Blog  One of the most glamorous royals of recent memory was Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister.  Beautiful, vivacious and a little naughty, Margaret created more than her share of royal gossip and set many style trends wherever she traveled. On April 17, 1973 she wore this knock-out oversize pillbox covered peacock feathers to Pony Day at Ascot. I wish we saw this same level of royal millinery drama every day.

Princess Margaret, April 17, 1971 | The Royal Hats Blog

Photo from Tim Graham via Getty Images

10 thoughts on “Hat from the Past

  1. Oh no HatQueen. No dramatic millinery for the sake of it! You need stature, presence and a developed sense of your own style, like say the late Queen Mary, to carry off dramatic hats. Otherwise you end up wearing toilet seat hats and other abominations that leave you open to ridicule. Many of the younger royals and even the beautiful Queen Maxima seem to struggle with the basics of royal grooming (hair, dress length, fit, shoes) and choice of outfit and end up looking a bit of a mess rather than dramatic.

    That said, I don’t find this hat particularly dramatic nor do I find it well matched with what I can see of the outfit. In my opinion, this beautiful English rose of a Princess rarely looked together enough fashion wise to serve as a model of the dramatic although I am sure MrFitzroyOBE could point me to exceptions. As for the turban? A costume party maybe. That’s enough stuffiness from me. Happy Easter everyone.

  2. i’m not too crazy for the peacockfeather-covered showercap, but the suit in this particular colour combination is to die for – grey and a light easteregg-green! strange combination, but it works for and on her. and yes, please, more flashbacks!

  3. One word I always associate with Margaret is drama – and that hat and that turban express it perfectly!

  4. LOVE this HatQueen….thank you so much for posting, would love to see more of Margaret, and more vintage “hat flashbacks” from other royals as well.
    Margaret wore a lot of ghastly stuff, especially in her later years….but when she was on the mark, she could hit it out of the park like few others….and this is one of those times! That decade of approx 1957-67 was fantastic for her!

  5. Margaret was a true master of dramatic looks. I love how she used subtlety and simplicity in the clothing choices to let this statement hat “speak”.

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