King’s Day in the Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands celebrated his first Koningsdag (King’s Day) today on the eve of his 47th birthday. For this very fun and festive occasion, Queen Máxima unveiled a new toque hat! This one, in a warm caramel straw, perfectly complimented her dress. I have come to like Máxima’s toque hats, although from a distance, this one blended a little too well into her hair and looked like a bouffant hairstyle. But maybe that is the point?

UPDATE: Eagle eyed reader Norman noticed that this hat is actually open on top (one of the dreaded ‘convertible’ hats). And it’s not just a convertible, it’s a doughnut. Any warm feelings I had about this hat have thus, been cooled. When is a doughnut on a royal head ever a good idea?

Queen Máxima, April 26, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

Queen Máxima, April 26, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog Queen Máxima, April 26, 2014 in Fabienne Delvigne | The Royal Hats Blog

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

The Orange Princesses were front and center at today’s celebration. The littlest member of this Royal A Team, Princess Arianne, was the only one who sported headwear. Her pale pink headband with rosette was the perfect compliment to her sweet pink dress and taupe cardigan. I thought she looked adorable.

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It looks like a marvelous time was had by all. I will post hats from the rest of the Dutch Royal Family tomorrow. In the meantime, what do you think of Queen Máxima’s new hat? 

Photos from Getty as indicated and Patrick van Katwijk via Dutch Photo Press

18 thoughts on “King’s Day in the Netherlands

  1. she ones wore a hat from Herma de Jong which on I don’t know ; she was very mysterious about that so may be if you aske her!?

  2. Lovely Queen, awful nondescript loop of material masquerading as a hat. Grrrrrr. Thank God for Princess Beatrix who knows about hats and hair(and fashions and jewellery).

  3. I thought right off of her other one close to this – but frankly when I opened the the page and saw it – first thing out of my mind was ‘oh now!’ She has another hat made from natural (non dyed) toilet paper!!!! I made a few of those when I was going to bridal showers still in the late 60s early 70s when folks were buying all natural at the health food stores back then!

  4. The hat looks very similar to other ones she owns. I can understand 10 pairs of black shoes in different styles but not 5 beige straw toques. Max’s dress is very nice though – just enough bling to say Maxima but nicely coordinated with hubby and the girls. The girls look adorable but I don’t think they will want to dress in matching outfits for too much longer – they are growing up quickly!

  5. When I turned on my tv, my first thought on the hat was that is was okay, much like another hat we’ve seen on her. Maybe not really fitting with the color of the dress, but just a good hat for people to see her. Later I saw it from the back. Indeed, a convertible… meh.

    It’s nice to see that we share a dislike for those hats here. 😀 I always comfort myself with the thought that most of the times you can’t see that it’s a convertible from the front. 😛

  6. Disaster. Looks like a paper bag crumbled around her hair. Also, belt on dress is not flattering.
    (On the positive side, however, Máxima’s hair has been styled a bit.)

  7. I thought this was alright at first, but it’s another “convertible”, as you say. Ugh I just HATE these open-top ones. They never look good. Why? Just why?

    • I did not see it was a convertible….looks like a bird’s nest. Should have picked the blue of the dress with even a small fascinator of a simple round design. The beige colour with that hair colour is wrong. Likely one of the worst hats ever. It happens I guess.

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