Queen Elizabeth Visits Welsh Equine Hospital

This morning, Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to Cotts Farm Equine Hospital, the only equine hospital in Wales. For this visit, she repeated her vibrant two-toned electric blue stovepipe hat. With its molded crown, contrasting turquoise stripe round the brim and whimsical blue and turquoise yarn trim around the crown, this hat packs a lot of visual punch. On anyone else, it would probably look like it had escaped from the circus. But on Her Majesty, it just works. What do you think of this megga watt hat?

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: November 14, 2013

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Welsh Equine Hospital

  1. On anyone else, or without the coat, this might look a bit weird … but it works, it really works. I love the bold colours on HM, they suit her to a tea. 🙂 My one tiny criticism is re the coat buttons. They would be much nicer in a solid colour, whether shiny or covered.

  2. I think this is a good example of a hat and coat designed to go with each other and working extremely well together – so while I might not pick the hat or coat on their own, the whole ensemble is great.

  3. It looks a lovely cosy warm hat and coat for a cold day and part of the warmth comes from the colours which I love on the Queen. They just lift my spirits. Somehow the shape, the colours and the trimmings seem just right for this wintery/autumnal outfit and a nice change from RTM’s delightful flowers.

  4. Hi, I am new to this blog and…. I love it! I love the queen in this whole ensemble, what a striking combination of colours. Her Majesty looks Wonderful. Awesome to see the texture of the hat (and outfit) in all it’s detail to really get a feel for the nature of the fabrics used. Great close ups! Thanks

    • Welcome here! I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I think you’ll find the other readers here absolutely delightful and I’m so glad you were brave enough to comment!

      There is something really lovely about the texture of this hat, isn’t there? The first time I saw it, I was not sure about the frayed yarn trim around the crown but it has really grown on me.

  5. I could live without the yarn trim, but I still like this outfit, circus similarities acknowledged. When both halves of the split crown are the same color, I like this hat shape.
    I believe the Queen attended a luncheon today in Wales. I wish that there were pictures of her without the coat but with the hat (if she kept it on during the luncheon, which she often does). I think the hat might look even more spectacular without the busy coat, assuming the dress is solid electric turquoise.

    • From the previous outing in November 2013 I suspect the dress might be of the same fabric as the trim on the brim of her hat – electric turquoise wool/silk? I would also love to see it.

  6. MrFitzroy would rank this on the fringe of what he considers acceptable for Her Majesty. ar ar

    But seriously folks….if she is going to go “out there” a bit with a hat, this example is much more striking, and certainly more amusing, than a lot of her others that fall into the same category. (if not quite so literally).
    PS: Love the exact color match on the horse blanket — too bad it’s headband wasn’t also fringed.

  7. I am usually not a fan of this profile in her hats – I always think of a charterer in the worst way of the Mad Hatter in Alice – but I have to say, I like this one (on her that is).

  8. This is a new version of the pink and black split crown; which i really like. I think I really liked this last time too, but there’s something really quite novelty about it that does put me off. Still, it’s a very out there look for someone pushing 90 isn’t it. For that, I guess I should give it a ‘fabulous’!?

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