Milestone Birthday: Princess Benedikte

Princess Benedikte of Denmark is celebrating a milestone birthday today. As the younger sister of Queen Margrethe, we don’t see Princess Benedikte at many royal events but when we do, she is hard to miss. Her hat style is vibrant, textured and full of personality. To offer our own congratulations for her 70th birthday today, here is a look back at some of her colourful hats.

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March 8, 2013; April 22, 2013; visiting a school in March 2013

I appreciate Princess Benedikte’s bold and colourful hat style and the adventurous way she is not afraid to try modern, structured shapes. In the over-60 royal crowd, her hats are among my favourites (the red wool stacked beret above is utterly fantastic!). What do you think of Princess Benedikte’s millinery wardrobe?

Photos from Getty as indicated;  Niels Henrik Dam via;;


17 thoughts on “Milestone Birthday: Princess Benedikte

  1. I love the purple furr ball, too! Normally, I would not like that type of hat, but in that color and with that outfit it looks really great!

  2. Only now getting to see this favorites are the red stacked beret…perfect! And that purple fur…spectacular!!

  3. As I was looking through the collection of pictures, it occurred to me that these various hats make her a chameleon of sorts. They bring out different aspects of her persona.

  4. Benedickte is one Royal I’d *REALLY* like to meet! She’s just lovely and elegant, but seems very down-to-Earth and approachable. Her hats are wonderful!

  5. I think Benedikte shares Margrethe’s taste for more interesting hats – they are rarely bland. What strikes me is that on the whole, I’d say they are more successful than Margrethe’s own selections, which, while not bland, tend to include quite a high proportion of what I might call non-successes. It helps that she doesn’t seem to be subject to the dreaded hat-baldness that sometimes afflicts Margrethe.

  6. I am an admirer or the Princess, her fashions and her hats. I particularly like her recent brimless hats but she is always elegant and well turned out.

  7. Possibly my favorite royal hat wearer. She manages to take bold risks without being OTT. Rarely see her in a hat I don’t love. Happy birthday, Ben!

  8. I never really noticed Benedikte’s hats before and I’m embarrassed! She has a lovely millinery style, doesn’t she? And I’m particularly found of her bold use of color both in her hats and in her lipstick choices!

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