Royal Hats in the News and a Little Housekeeping

Did you know that a riding hat worn by Austro-Hungarian Empress Elisabeth sold for an astounding $186,500 at Vienna auction last week. This Reuters article details this sale and includes photos of some of Empress Elisabeth’s other items that were on the auction block. 

Reader Barbara shared the release of a new book on French milliner extraordinaire, Pauline Adam de la Bruyère. Madame Paulette, as she was known, designed many of Princess Grace’s hats (including those famous turbans) and was the creative genius behind the hats worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film “My Fair Lady”. The preface was written by British milliner Stephen Jones. If any of you are able to obtain a copy, I’m sure readers here would welcome your review!


Now for some internal housekeeping. I’m happy to highlight two new pages here on Royal Hats:

List of Royal Milliners is a directory of current royal hat designers. There is a link back to each designer’s website, and a corresponding list of all royals who have worn that designer’s work. This page includes a list of past notable designers as well.

Who’s Who in Royal Hats is an index, by reigning royal house, of the faces seen most often here on Royal Hats. If you are new to royal watching or need some help keeping the various queens, princesses and duchesses straight, I hope this index will be helpful.

Comment approvals have also been relaxed. After your first comment is approved, all subsequent comments will be automatically approved. The commenting policy remains in effect.

Finally, I will be offline for the next two days and will post with less regularity over the next three weeks was I enjoy a much anticipated vacation. I expect to check in here daily but If I happen to miss a royal hat, please comment or send me an email!

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