Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Diocese Centenary

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh attended a service at Chelmsford Cathedral as part of the centenary celebrations of Chelmsford Diocese during day of engagements in Essex today. The Queen repeated her textured cream and gold wool check split crown hat. This is a hat that has grown on me since we first saw it last year; today, I am further impressed with how the trim on her coat pulls together the black feather and pouff on the hat. It works!

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: March 12, 2014; March 20, 2013October 31, 2012July 19, 2012

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4 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Celebrate Diocese Centenary

  1. I absolutely adore this look! I’m not normally such a fan of the matchy-matchy the queen favors, but the details on this are impeccable. The trim on the coat, the feathers on the hat, I just love it!

  2. So many of the Queen’s hats have sharp edges and do resemble each other. They do look nice however I would like to see more of a variety in shapes. The colours seem overall so much better than a few years ago. Also wish she would not wear coats all of the time. I remember she use to wear more dresses.

  3. I have always liked this outfit.
    Although the hat and coat look like identical fabric from a distance, I have wondered whether the hat might be of a different fabric. The grain has always looked a little different. Perhaps it’s the way the fabric is stretched onto the hat block, but this close up of the dress makes me think that the hat and dress fabric are one, the coat a coordinating fabric. http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/queen-elizabeth-ii-looks-on-during-an-official-visit-to-news-photo/488429701

  4. Yes, I concur. What a wonderful relationship The Queen and Angela Kelly must have. Together they are creating some wonderful looks that look totally stylish and so- Her Majesty. This outfit must obviously be a fave because of the number of times she has worn it. Such subtle bringing together of some detail on the outfit with the hat. A winner!

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