Norwegian Royals Celebrate Constitution

The Norwegian Royal Family visited Stortinget (the Norwegian Parliament) yesterday as part of celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution. 

Queen Sonja repeated a white hat with a ruched navy and white polka dot sash around the crown. It’s a great hat shape for her but I think it’s time to replace the sash with a simple navy grosgrain ribbon.

Designer: Unknown
Previously Worn: September 1, 2005; June 17, 2002

Crown Princess Mette Marit repeated her white wool calot hat, again worn far back on her head (a little too far back, in my opinion). In the past, I have not warmed to this icy hat but its pairing today with her folk art inspired coat was perfect.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 2, 2010; May 17, 2010; December 10, 2009

The photos released do not show a close look at Princess Astrid’s hat; she appears to be wearing a white fabric pillbox hat with a pork pie style recessed crown and a spray of feathers on the side. I believe it is the same hat she wore in New York in 2005, with the addition of some pink feathers.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: October 27, 2005

It looks like a lovely celebration was enjoyed by the family (including young Princess Ingrid) and I expect we will see a number of Norwegian royal hats throughout the weekend as festivities continue. Are there any hats that stood out to you in this group?

Photos from Stella via SvenskdamAasta Borte / Robin Nunn / News Pictures, Aasta Borte / Robin Nunn / News Pictures and Aasta Borte / Robin Nunn / News Picturesvia Paris Match

8 thoughts on “Norwegian Royals Celebrate Constitution

  1. The hat on MM’s head might be a little too far back, but overall it works because it adds to the folkloric look that her coat has. It almost looks like a snood or similar head covering, except that it is a hat so it is modern – if that makes sense. Queen Sonja and Astrid look very nice, their hats are unremarkable in a good way, and everyone is smiling, so a lovely occasion all around.

  2. I like all three hats. Mette-Marit’s coat is fantastic, and the hat complements it beautifully. While I don’t like Queen Máxim’s hats that resemble her hair, this hat which resembles Mette Marit’s hair works because her hairstyle is so tightly styled.
    Princess Astrid’s hat goes with her dress; if pink feathers were added to an older hat, good idea. And speaking of recycling, is the sash on the Queen’s hat replaceable like Queen Margrethe’s? Or does this hat have no other versions?

  3. That coat is fabulous. I’ve always liked these minimal headpieces, but I agree a tiny bit further forward would be good. Mette Marit has gone through a bad patch lately, but she going back to her A game again lately – nobody else can do that snow queen look quite like her.

  4. I think the overall look for the Crown Princess is very her – white, understated. I am so loving that jacket though, especially the waistband which is very flattering. This hat doesn’t take away from the jacket which is important, and for that I give this look a tick.

  5. I like Queen Sonja’s hat, it’s very pretty in a simple way. Rather ‘Eighties style. And I mean that as a compliment.

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