Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Horse Show

Queen Elizabeth stepped out again yesterday for the Royal Windsor Horse Show. To present a number of fair prizes, she wore a dove grey lampshade style hat with a light lattice patterned straw brim. I like the idea of this hat although the colour is a little too pale and the wide bands around the crown and brim edge lend a rather heavy hand to this hat and seem at odds with the light brim. I’m also not sure about the top stitching on both the hat and the coat (see the visible stitches around the hat crown and coat collar?). What do you think of this hat?

Designer: unknown. It looks like Angela Kelly to me
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Leo Mason via Corbis

9 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Enjoys Horse Show

  1. The colour is dull. The hat and the stitching on the back of the coat only accentuate the Queen’s curved posture. This outfit is not a winner.

  2. Royal Windsor Horse Show, surely, not Horse Fair? In my understanding a horse fair is a market where horses are bought and sold.
    I like the shape of the hat, but the jacket is awful – fabric pulling in all directions!

  3. This hat is not doing it for me I’m afraid. I think the lampshade look is not a good one for HM and the colour of the whole ensemble is too bluh. Sorry!

  4. I find the hat a whole lot better than that horrid jacket/ dress whatever it is. Very poor workmanship and the fabric nd style of the outfit is not flattering.

  5. I don’t recall having seen this hat before, although she’s worn the suit (or dress and jacket?) a time or two: http://www.apimages.com/metadata/Index/REX-AP-1936115h-Royal-reception-for-Team-GB-Med-/bc1bab92693143a9ada355c093dfda6c/5/0
    I like the stitching on the hat and the cross-hatched weave fabric, but I have the sneaking suspicion that this may be an old outfit, perhaps one made years ago and never worn. (The Queen may not like the ruckles either.) The hat looks dated, and although she indeed may prefer horses to people, the Queen usually doesn’t debut outfits at horse fairs.

  6. We do not see her wear this style often. It works very well. I especially like the weave pattern in the rim.

  7. I really like the idea of his. The colour is great, and the lampshade is a great shape (though it does cast a bit of shadow). But the execution of the stitching, mainly on the jacket is very poor – it’s ruckled, this really shouldn’t happen. Oh dear…

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