Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Canada

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Canada yesterday for a whirlwind four-day visit. Today, they attended a welcome ceremony in Halifax where Camilla unveiled a new hat- this cornflower blue hard-shell beret trimmed with an oversize pheasant feather. My first thought was that in this hat, she looks ready to set off with a ghillie for a Balmoral hunt but at second look, I think this whole ensemble is playing subtle homage to today’s host city, which is in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia (New Scotland). It is nice to see the Duchess experimenting with different hat shapes but this one is all about that FEATHER… I can’t decide if Camilla is wearing this hat or the hat is wearing her. What do you think?

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

22 thoughts on “Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Canada

  1. I love love LOVE this hat! I thought the coat looked pretty dowdy but since it’s Nova Scotia tartan, it is so thoughtful and I now love it too.

  2. May be it is ridiculous, one big feather, but I LOVE it! Colour of the feather combines well with the tartan.

  3. This hat is such a beautiful shape, and very flattering. I love the feather, it lifts the whole outfit, and is angled so jauntily. Camilla in a smaller hat, but not too small for her big personality.

  4. Consort Camilla Cornwall is completely rockin’ the coat and noggin cover. The crowd is most certainly cooing her colorful conquest and their compliments. Unfortunately, the pheasant feather is fighting against the flow of the finery. For sure, the pheasant feather is fancying itself and focused on becoming the first-place feature of this fine outfit.

  5. My 10 year old son’s first comment was- “how does that stay on there?” How indeed! His second comment was that he liked the feather very much. Me too. This particular feather on this particular hat, I’m not sure but the D of C does like feathers we know that. Maybe a button type of trim or something small on the front to add a bit of interest, or as others have said leave it unadorned. Camilla still looking a little fragile after her recent bereavement. Good on her for putting on a brave face and carrying on- duty calls.

  6. Watched the coverage in Pictou this afternoon – pity she wasn’t wearing the hat but THRILLED to see the NS tartan! Have family in that area but none of them went but if I was there (we go back every two years or so) I would have been there for sure!

  7. Love the feather – a bit of sophisticated whimsy. Is it from a Nova Scotian bird? I think it is a very attractive outfit.

  8. Lovely colour, this outfit, with nice tartan trim. And I love the feather! It’s true that it does attract attention (partly because one is left wondering a) how the feather is attached so as to stay at that exact angle and b) how would you pack it without squashing it?!) but nonetheless, it adds an unexpected note to an otherwise conventional ensemble, and I’m sure it didn’t really detract from Camilla’s presence.

    • I have a similar hat (with a huge feather) and I pack it in a large hat box with tissue paper lightly wrapped around the hat and the feather (sort of nested around the feather). I’ve taken it on several trans Atlantic flights and it was remained perfect!

  9. The feather looks ridiculous. Coat and scarf (and hat minus the feather) are beautiful. In fact, the feather detracts from the tartan, which, even without its symbolism, adds tremendously to the outfit. I’m sure that a tiny piece of tartan could have been added to the hat somehow if a plain hat had been deemed too dull.

  10. Ordinarily I like a feather, but this one seems a bit twee. Unnecessary. I love the colors and the scarf. And, the hat is a nice departure from the birds nest style she favored for so many years.

  11. Beautiful colour. Yes. It is the Nova Scotia tarten . I do not like the coat however it does look Better with the scarf in place. The feather was not necessary but the shape and colour are excellent.

  12. Here in Nova Scotia we were thrilled to see Camilla wearing the official registered Nova Scotia Tartan. For us the hat was a fitting tribute to our ancestors here.

  13. This would have been so beautiful and perfect for her outfit and her face shape, IF it didn’t have that feather! Is there a symbolism with the feather? I see you mentioned something about it above but I don’t know the reference.

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