Queen Elizabeth In Portsmouth

Queen Elizabeth traveled to Portsmouth Naval Base for a visit to HMS Lancaster today. She looked particularly summery in a light turquoise dress and coat topped off with a white straw hat. This hat was trimmed in the same turquoise fabric as her coat and a silk spray of lily of the valley blossoms; the crown also featured a unique hourglass shape. The form is interesting, although I think it requires a crown that is a little too tall for Her Majesty. What do you think of this summery straw hat?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 21, 2010; June 18, 2010 

8 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth In Portsmouth

  1. I like this one. I see your point re: the height, but I think the horizontal lines created by the band and brim “cut” the height enough for it to work. Not generally a fan of AK, but this is quite good.

  2. Ooh, proving hard to please so far! I think Her Majesty looks Amazing! I think the colour was an inspired choice given the contrast with the Naval uniform (if you get the chance view the picture of HM and the crew standing at the bow of the ship). I really like the shape of the hat, just think it’s something different. 3 very different outings- Garden Party, Royal Ascot and today- and the outfit fits the bill each time. Enjoying everyone’s opinions though. Cheers.

  3. Too tall and I am never ever a fan of this shade of turquoise esp on her – it’s too clear blue water looking and needs someone with a lot of skin color to pull it off – Love you Queenie but not in this

  4. The hat goes well enough with the coat and dress from a distance. Up close (particularly from the side with the embellishment — the opposite side from usual), the turquoise curley cue looks a little tired. This hat resembles Angela Kelly’s diagonal crown — with a cinched middle. Perhaps this was an early version. The crown on this white/turquoise hat is taller than on her standard diagonal crowns.
    This outfit’s been around for a long time and was most recently worn in Oman in November 2010, I believe. Do you think they’re cleaning the closets at Buck House? There have been a lot of old outfits recently.

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