Princess Beatrix Visits the Caribbean

Princess Beatrix is visiting the island of Saint Maarten this week. Yesterday, she opened the UK Youth Parliament; for this event, she repeated a royal blue picture hat with square crown, upturned brim and knotted band around the crown. While I would prefer a less angular crown shape for Princess Beatrix, the colour and brim shape of this hat is really pretty on her. 

Princess Beatrix, May 20, 2014 | Royal Hats Princess Beatrix, May 20, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: I suspect Suzanne Moulijn 
Previously Worn: October 23, 2011

Photos from ANP and ANP

6 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Visits the Caribbean

    • She does look so much better in hats with brims. She looks very stylish here, proving one can look stylish and modern at any age.

  1. Love the hat on her, and the whole outfit. Beautiful coordination with the jewelry as well.

    I wish the Dutch would use the term ‘Queen Dowager’ or something like that. It is still jarring to me to see her called Princess…

  2. Princess Beatrix is the star of the royals when it comes to wardrobe. She never makes an error. Love the outfit.

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