Wessexes At Church of Scotland General Assembly

The Earl and Countess of Wessex have taken part in the 2014 General Assembly Meetings of The Church of Scotland this week. For these two events, Sophie has debuted new and very lovely hats. The first, worn on May 17, is a newly renovated oyster mushroom brimmed picture hat  with flat, shallow crown. This hat was originally trimmed with a large, flying cream bow  which has been removed and replaced with wispy, curling black feathers, ecru feathers and ecru crin twists.  The new trim slightly overwhelms the hat and I think I preferred its previous version.

Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: August 9, 2013June 4, 2013

The second is this beret style cocktail that the designer described as “a bespoke beaded lace beret with feather wing detail & handmade silk rose.” This hat is more delicate and decidedly feminine. It’s another great shape for Sophie (maybe a better shape?) although I would love to see her in some more saturated colour.

Designer: Jane Taylor

These two hats showcase Sophie’s dual millinery styles (edgy and a little daring on one side, soft and lovely on the other). Which one of these hats do you prefer?

Photos from The Church of Scotland

15 thoughts on “Wessexes At Church of Scotland General Assembly

  1. I prefer the first hat but I think it needs to be worn at more of an angle like how she wore it for the Sovereigns Parade. The second hat is less to my taste but it does work beautifully with her outfit.

  2. I think the first hat is the same hat that she is wearing at the Sovereigns Parade, with a few alterations. Look past the frills and bows. Even the band around the hat is the same.

    Of the two hats on this trip, I prefer the first.

    • I was thinking the same thing, that it was the old hat with new trimmings, and I really like this one

  3. I adore her in the picture brim hat -it’s great to see her in something a different look and not a stark dark contrast color and not a whiff of nothing color like the 2nd one – Bravo Sophie!

  4. I like the hats. The picture hat is a bit too flat right on top of her head. A slight slant would have perhaps been better. Lovely skirt and top. The second one combined with her outfit is smashing . I believe she wore it to the cambridge’s wedding. The colour is pale but one of her best outfits. She has become so stylish.

    • It was to Zara Phillips’ Wedding which was 3 months after the Cambridges, dear. But the outfit is indeed elegant and delicate, one of Sophie’s best!

  5. I think both hats are absolutely smashing. If I had to choose one, though, I’d probably choose the picture hat with swirling black feathers. It’s dramatic and goes perfectly with the skirt.

  6. Soph mixes it all up so well, and yet again she looks fabulous. Both of these outfits were work for big weddings, and very successfully too – yet here she goes with new hats giving them a new lease of life, and doing a damn fine job. We’ve all said it, but she’s hit her stride in spectacular form this past few years.

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