British Royals Host Garden Party for Household Cavalry

After presenting new standards to The Household Cavalry this morning, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh hosted a special Garden Party for the Regiment at Buckingham Palace. They were joined by the Princess Royal and Prince Harry of Wales.

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Queen Elizabeth repeated a vibrant pink hat with squared crown, upturned brim on one side and a spray of pink peonies. This hat has beautiful proportions and looks wonderful on Her Majesty.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 4, 2012; October 25, 2011

The Duke of Edinburgh again looked very handsome in a traditional morning suit and grey wool top hat. I thought the red carnation in his lapel was a natty touch.

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Princess Anne looked elegant in a navy and cream ensemble. I particularly liked the contrast of her hat, which featured a cream brim and navy crown (along with navy bow and feather trimmings). The size and proportion of this hat is really lovely on Princess Anne.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this is a new hat

And our favourite royal imp, Prince Harry, looked rather dapper in his morning suit and black top hat. He wears a top hat rather well, doesn’t he?!

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

These garden parties are always fun hatted events and today was no different. Thoughts about the hats?

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18 thoughts on “British Royals Host Garden Party for Household Cavalry

  1. All the royals look fabulous here. Princess Anne looks very elegant for a change, and the hat really suits her and is very elegant. The Queen’s hats also suit her well and the Wedgwood blue is so suited to her skintone, and makes her look younger.

  2. Everyone looks great! I love the bright pink on the Queen and love that hat. The Princess Royal looks better than usual, a nicer hat than we are used to from her. The Duke looks perfect and Prince Harry quite dapper – love those top hats – but I wonder why they didn’t wear military uniforms since it was a somewhat military garden party?

    I’d like a better look at the hat worn by the lady in green. Who is she? Is she wearing a family honour brooch? Curious…

  3. Nice to see the Princess Royal in a new hat, especially since she is wearing a coat from the late 80’s/early 90s. I remember the hat she wore the first time I saw the coat. A small hat in cream with a rose and some veiling.

  4. Everyone looked fabulous! Anne in particular. This is one of my favorite hats from RTM for HM, love love love! The DoE is still giving lessons on how to be dapper and it looks like Harry paid attention

  5. Princess Anne’s hat is wonderful! I like it much more than most of the hats she wears, which tend distinctly to the utilitarian / chain store end of the spectrum (even if they actually come from top-flight milliners).

  6. I love this pink on Her Maj. One of my favourites of hers. And a great hat on Anne; it could be a new one. The coat of course – oh far from it! She’s been wearing this since about 1982 I think, previously with a small veiled skullcap.

  7. Very nice to see The Queen in this outfit again. She wore it on her last (many people think her final) visit to Australia in 2011. She had been wearing some of her usual bright colours and the media were making a lot of how wonderful she looked. This dress was worn to open a Children’s hospital and all the nurses lining up to glimpse HM were all in uniforms of various shades of …… you guessed it – PINK. The media went completely nuts about it with heaps of footage of the nurses all falling about themselves at the surreal and humorous nature of it all. Great memories. Thanks.

  8. Princess Anne looks like she could be on Downton Abbey – which is a compliment from this DA fan!

    • P. Ann does look like she belongs on DA…I pass.
      The coat the Queen is wearing is so routine again I pass. The hat is the same as many of her other ones so again I pass.
      I know the Queen has dozens of the same shoes but it would be nice to see them without the same decoration on the front.
      Her best outfit in ages is the light beige suit and hat decorated with the calla lillies. She wears a suit so much better than the coat.
      Sorry I am just disappointed to see the same basic outfit over and over.

  9. Both the Queen the Princess Royal look fabulous. I like that the under brim of Princess Anne’s hat is different from the rest of the hat.
    Is the lady in green a lady-in-waiting for the Queen? I notice her umbrella (bright pink) was chosen to match the Queen’s outfit, not her own.
    Today was a double-header for the Queen: a fabulous AK hat followed by a fabulous RTM. Wonder what the state visit to France will bring.

    • I think (not sure) the underside of that beautiful navy hat is cream watered silk. It gives Ann’s face and complexion a beautiful glow.

  10. Harry needs to get a few new vests for his morning coat attire – he looks the same be it a garden party or a wedding – I want to see him branch that part of his wardrobe out some.

    • I think he is a lot more sartorially gifted than his brother but really, how many coloured vests can a royal wear without looking tacky or ‘Hollywood’?

    • Grey, buff or black waistcoats are the traditional colours for wear with morning dress.((The black for funerals) Prince Frederic of Denmark has some in racier colours and Prince Charles and King Willem Alexander have grey morning suits. However, I understand these are for supposed to be for weddings and the races not garden parties!

  11. HM looks terrific (again) – P. Anne’s hat is great! Just not a fan of the navy shoulder panels on the coat but not sure where I would have placed some navy on it to help tie to the hat.

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