New Standards for Household Cavalry

Queen Elizabeth II presented the Household Cavalry with new standards this morning at Horse Guards Parade. She looked lovely in her “Wedgewood” hat, a neatly tailored hat with squared crown and delicate lace trim in signature Wedgewood blue. I adore this hat on the Queen.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 22, 2013; June 25, 2012

Prince Philip looked dashing in the officer’s frock coat and cap of his Irish Guards uniform.

Embed from Getty Images

The Princess Royal, who is Colonel of the Blues and Royals, was also in military uniform including the Home Service Helmet with its distinct red plume.

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Today’s event was a wonderful warm-up for Trooping the Colour which is set to take place on June 14. 


11 thoughts on “New Standards for Household Cavalry

  1. I’m struck by how tiny the queen’s hand appears as she shakes hands with one of the officers. And by how strong and energetic she and the duke both are. Wonderful to see them both looking so well.

  2. Yes, one of Her Majesty’s iconic outfits. I actually love the coat more than the hat, but the trim is used in a really lovely way on both. Simple and classic. Good health Ma’am. P.S. I’m sure it’s a trick of the light re the white top.

  3. Have enjoyed this hat since the first time I saw it. I, too, noticed the photo where the crown appears white. Don’t recall that before, but may not have seen it from “above”. I hope it is not white, as that would make me like it less. I agree with others that the simplicity lets the lace take a starring role.

  4. I believe this is one of the Queen’s best current outfits. The blue is strong but not electric or neon. The hat style is a signature Angela Kelly but simple and attractive. The white lace trim is beautiful. The trim on the hat makes it look rather like a crown. Appropriate, isn’t it?
    I saw the comment about the top of the hat being white perhaps. I see why one would think so after the first picture above. I certainly hope the top of blue. One reason this hat is so attractive is that there is not more going on.

  5. Is it my imagination, or is the top of this hat actually white?! It certainly looks it in the top photo, but it may be a trick of the light. Not sure I like the idea…

  6. MrFitsroy loves this one….so glad to see the ensemble out and about again! Ms, Kelly CAN create simple but memorable, charming, well proportioned hats — with striking style and strong concept….and she can do so beautifully, as this hat attests! If only she would do so more often!
    On a different note, nobody wears spurs like the Princess Royal…yowza!

  7. I love the colour and the Wedgwood theme. I was so happy the first time I saw it as it was clever and beautiful. I think this is my favourite that I have seen the Queen wear.

  8. I like the color on HM! Still not a huge fan of that crown shape but as I have said, I have to give in her her style at times and learn to go with it!

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