French Welcome for The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh kicked off their state visit to France with an official welcome by French President Francois Hollande at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris today, followed by a visit to the the Elysee Presidential Palace.

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The Queen unveiled a third new hat of the day (a recent record, I do believe!). This hat, another one of Angela Kelly’s “Square Crown and Rolled Brim” designs, was covered in the same embroidered fabric as the Queen’s suit. This particular fabric is fine enough for the suit, but when added to the hat, it’s just too much. I think the overall look would have been much improved if the hat was in a different material (pink straw would have been a nice textural compliment) and scaled down a touch, as it seems a little too big for the Queen. What do you think?

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

* While I wasn’t such a fan of this hat, I adore the Queen’s pale pink embossed shoes!

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20 thoughts on “French Welcome for The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh

  1. This is such a departure from what she’s been wearing of late – and I love it! She looks gorgeous. The colour suits her, the hat suits her, the suit style suits her. Magnifique, your Majesty.

  2. Another suit. YAY!! So so elegant or should I say Très Très chic!!! I love love love this suit on Her Majesty. I think the details on the jacket front and the cuff of the sleeve add such finish and class to it and I think the fabric is beautiful. Whilst I too think the hat is oversized I’m not sure what could have been substituted. I think the outfit really shines because our attention is not drawn to anything that takes away from it. I think the Queen looks very regal. Cheers.

  3. My first reaction was wow, she looks wonderful and it seems like every color suits her, amazing! Looking again after your comments I see what you mean, the hat is may be a bit too much. But still, it is a very charming outfit. Can’t wait for the comments on today’s hats!

  4. She looks great – I like this shade of pink on her this time of year — and I think the shape of the hat is fine – she had been very busy of late with lots of hats and had not repeated a shape thus far in this group of dates.

  5. I love the colour and shape of the hat and the match with the suit. Not loving the somewhat shaggy material but……8/10 from me. And a perfect outfit to go with the huge pink diamond in that brooch.

  6. I am in awe of the whole thing, the commemoration, the welcome that France has given everyone, the Queen looking as lovely as I have ever seen her. It’s such an incredible and unique event and very humbling too.

  7. I’m sorry but this whole outfit is horrible. That hat looks like a giant cupcake with sprinkles.

  8. WOW! It looks like the hat and suit is covered in lace. The Queen looks beautiful in pink and the fabric looks like something Chanel would use on a suit. She looks magnificent.

  9. This is a Queen! The short jacket trend for this trip is wonderful, so much more soignée than the typically expected full length coat + dress combo…and this IS France!
    Shaking up her accessories, and finishing things with the magnificent Williamson brooch are brilliant touches.

    As part of the overall ensemble the hat works nicely, and the shape grows on one….but in close-ups the hanging threads look messy, and in the smaller scale of the hat, the fabric pattern looks a bit like the Nazca Lines.
    Still, overall, this hat is vastly preferable to a hot glued craft project….so everything gets two thumbs up!! (just trim a few of the hanging threads please!)

  10. How wonderful she looks … timeless! I personally love this hat style. It suits her. You can tell that she really likes this ensemble. She is wearing the hat, clothes, and shoes … it’s not wearing her!

    Kate, take note!!!

  11. I am one of those people who likes the hat and outfit in the same material. I think the Queen looks wonderful in that pink and I am not a person who likes pink at all. It is so nice to see her in white accessories too!

  12. My first reaction was joy, joy , joy, the black purse, shoes and gloves are gone! It must be spring!!
    I rather like the hat, but I don’t like that much texture on a full figured older person. It adds too much bulk, visually. The color is nice, but the stringy bits that are hanging off the fabric is just not to my liking and on the hat too, is just too much!

  13. Finally finally no sharp edged brim on the hat…rolled up and can clearly see her face..the suit is far better than the coats…no black shoes…good colour and I like the fabric…what can I say ….thank you.

  14. Hallelujah! No black shoes and handbag! Actually I think these are the same beige/off-white shoes she worse to William and Kate’s wedding.
    I like the hat and suit, separately and together. This is a perfect outfit for being seen. The fabric is fussy, but the suit pattern and the hat are simple. I think the outfit wouldn’t be nearly so impressive with a hat from other fabric. I like the new hat shape, too. It’s not too tall but is big enough to make an impression. Color is perfect: bright but not neon. Excellent!

    • It is indeed her accessories from Will and Kate’s nuptials. And don’t the look so much better! I love the suit, and the hat is okay, it just needs taking down a notch for me, just slightly too much brim there. Regardless, a great day of HM hattery!

  15. I like the hat and suit together–I found it struck me positively with the full length picture of HM on the red carpeted steps. The closer up views don’t do as well, and I see your point. I do like the style.

    • I agree, from a distance I absolutely loved this outfit, but when we see close-ups those little hanging threads look shabby on the hat. I really like this hat shape on the Queen and I am going to make one like it for myself, just not in tweed. I adore the Queen, and I do hope she makes it to a Platinum Jubilee!

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