British Royals Arrive in France

 Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Paris this morning to begin a 3-day state visit centered around the 70th Anniversary Of the D-Day landings tomorrow. The Queen emerged from the Eurostar in a different coat and hat than the ones she was wearing when left London,

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The hat follows a traditional lampshade shape and is covered in the same white silk as Her Majesty’s coat and trimmed with a simple sash around the crown in the same silver print as her dress. The black piping on the sash and on the Queen’s coat is a beautifully contrasting detail that unifies the dress, coat and hat into a harmonious ensemble. I don’t usually like the Queen in white because it blends to much with her hair, but I thought this hat was so very striking on Her Majesty today.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer:Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

It’s also so lovely to see the Queen in a short jacket instead of another one of the long coats she usually chooses! I’m curious, dear readers, to hear if you love this ensemble as much as I do (and if you don’t, why not!)

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17 thoughts on “British Royals Arrive in France

  1. Agree completely with your assessment of this outfit. Love the short jacket. She has kept her figure too well to hide in some of the sack-like garments she wears. Doubt it was intentional, but the white outfits had me thinking of her mother’s white “mourning” wardrobe for another trip to France.

  2. The Queen looked better than ever in this chic outfit, and I loved the hat too, especially the fact that it didn’t have the usual over-trimming of Angela Kelly, who does rather tend to “over-egg the pudding”, to use the old saying. The original hat was a disaster with it’s excessive trimmings. The strategically placed black edging gives the outfit a really chic sharp detailing and is quite French. I think the jackets rather than coats give the Queen a younger look and flatter her quite trim figure.

  3. Sorry about the late post from Oz. Just wanted to agree with all comments, especially about the short jacket, very flattering. My 13 year old daughter loved this too. Fab!!

  4. Another WOW! The Queen looks so sharp and elegant. You can never go wrong in black and white and she looks so well put together.

  5. It’s interesting that the print of the dress and ensemble trim, what apparently is a silver brocade….actually looks like the pixelated camoflage fabric that troops have recently worn. While it was no doubt purely coincidence, and likely nobody but MrFitzroy would make the connection — considering part of this visit is D-Day commemoration, it seems somewhat, if unintentionally, fitting.
    HM has been on a real roll today….hats, outfits, accessories, jewels….it’s been a glorious progression!

    • I also meant to add… that I agree with you, HatQueen, about the white. Here it works due to the print on the dress carried onto the border of the coat at her neckline. It’s wonderful how the band on the hat matches. And then that narrow black trim is understated and elegant. Yes!

  6. While this suit has been worn before (, I believe that today’s hat is new.
    I believe that there are pictures of another hat that Angela Kelly made for this outfit. They’re in Angela Kelly’s book, if anyone has it. I’ve sent copies to the Hat Queen, but since they’re scanned pictures and not a link, I can’t include them here myself. If anyone has a copy of AK’s book (I got it at the library), you’ll recognize the other hat made from the same fabric.
    Perfect hat: not too wall, wide, nice shape, and trim matches the suit jacket perfectly — but all is simple, no feathers, flowers, poofs anywhere. Excellent.
    Yes, a shorter jacket is so much more attractive!
    (And I’m glad that the Queen hadn’t planned on keeping this dress with this morning’s white coat and navy blue hat. Nothing about that outfit was color coordinated, although I liked the hat.)

    • Great observation! Here is a photo of the other hat Angela Kelly made for this outfit. If you look closely, you will see that the hats are the same shape… which leads me to believe it’s the same hat and the original trim shown here was reduced to the simpler band we saw on the Queen today. Fascinating!

  7. It is very nice. I like it a lot and there wasn’t an overabundance of flowers or feathers added to it. I do like the suit look as a nice change for her as well. Her black gloves, purse and shoes worked well with it. Nicely done.

  8. Now this is just so chic isn’t it. It’s lovely, and perfect for Paris. And I agree, a shorter jacket is nice for a change, she looks lovely.

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