Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Royal Horse Guards

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended The Royal Marines 350th Anniversary Beating Retreat at the Royal Horse Guards Parade yesterday. For this event, the Queen repeated her lime green hat and coat that first appeared during her Irish tour in 2012. This hat, with a large and slightly raised straw brim, features an overlay of gold lace on the diagonal crown and a large gold feather trim. It is not my favourite of the Queen’s hats- while the shape and proportion are great, the combination of gold lace with this particular shade of green does not quite work for me.

  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Angela Kelly made by Stella McLaren & Ian Bennett
Previously Worn: June 27, 2012

Prince Philip looked handsome in miltary uniform and cap. He still cuts quite a dashing figure at nearly 92 years old, doesn’t he?

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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5 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Royal Horse Guards

  1. I love the Queen in green, and I think this shade is very flattering to her. I do love the shape and proportion of this hat, but the gold lace just looks odd to me. The hat had enough trim with just the feather, so any lace, gold or otherwise, was just overkill in my view. I just think Angela Kelly tends to “over-egg the pudding” to use the old adage. I agree that Prince Philip looked handsome as always and I do love his politically incorrect sense of humor too!

  2. I love the color and rather like the gold lace overlay too. Since the gold is limited to the collar of the coat and the crown of the hat (and maybe to the top of the dress), I think it provides interest but doesn’t overpower.
    What might overpower is that feather. I certainly would take a close look at this hat without the gold feather to see whether removing the feather might be an improvement. I suspect you might like the gold lace better without the feather on top of it.

  3. I quite like it actually. It’s an unexpected colour match, fair enough, but it works for me. I canny think of anyone else who would go out in highlighter green and it could work!

  4. I agree with Jane, and you. I don’t care for the color at all and that stiff brim. I surely would like to see some softness in her hats and clothing. I know her “uniform” works for her, but I really think she could look more feminine and sweet without the stiffness. I must be alone in my thoughts. There is more softness in the top of the Duke’s hat than the Queen’s.

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