Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Commemorate Eurotunnel Anniversary

Before boarding the Eurostar to travel to France for their State visit, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh stopped at St. Pancras station in London to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Eurotunnel. To unveil a commemorative plaque, the Queen debuted a new navy straw hat with square crown and oblique brim. I particularly like the brim shape of this hat, and the Queen always looks marvelous in blue. The white bow, however is painfully twee and I would love to see it replaced by a large white bloom or two. I do adore Her Majesty’s cheeky choice of brooch today, a sapphire bow that makes the white bow on her hat almost work.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Angela Kelly. It was originally one of her Mushroom Brim hats– see details of the renovation here
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Commemorate Eurotunnel Anniversary

  1. I think the Queen looks really elegant. I do wish there was some navy trim on the coat to carry through the theme of the hat. This hat shape suits the Queen well. But I don’t want to see the navy bow trims that were originally on the coat when she wore it in Canada, too twee and too Fergie for my liking.

  2. A very smart travelling coat and hat. Wouldn’t do to arrive in Paris looking less than immaculate. Well done team.

  3. I love this hat and the bow looks cute but in an elegant sort of way. You never can go wrong with navy.

  4. I do like this hat. all but that white bow. When i first saw that, I wondered what your opinion would be. same as mine. I like that hat very much against her lovely white hair.

  5. Me again! Here with another half baked theory. So this just screams out to me as lookin like the outfit she wore in Canada in 2010 – with all the bows. I think the bows have been taken of the coat (good!) and I doubt it’s the same hat, but I think the bow might have erm recycled…

    I love this hat by the way – bow and all. She’s giving you a lot to keep up to date with today isn’t she!!

    • I agree with your theory, thought so when I first saw this coat this morning. This is definitely the same coat minus the navy blue anchors on the arms and pockets.
      Note this these are the same self-covered buttons, same pockets, same fabric.
      I suspect that today’s hat may, in fact, be the same hat. Could it have been re-steamed into a different shape? Same bow. Same crown. Only the brim is completely different. Today’s hat really doesn’t go with anything worn today: it’s the wrong dress (the one she then had a matching hat for when she arrived at Gare du Nord). There’s no navy blue left on the coat. I suspect someone just threw on the renewed version of the hat that always had gone with this coat. (Coat fabric is similar to but not the same as the suit jacket she showed up with in France.)

      • I think I agree with you now – that hat has been resteamed. Whilst I like the new shape, I loved the old one and had hoped to see it repeated.

    • JamesB- Brilliant observation. It’s most certainly the same coat and if you look closely, I think the white bow on that earlier hat has been transposed over to this navy hat. I’ll say it again- nothing gets by you amazing, eagle-eyed readers!

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