Dutch Princesses Serve as Bridesmaid Trio

Our favourite trio of petite princesses carried out an important job yesterday as the bridesmaids at their uncle’s wedding in Vienna. Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane looked adorable in pink floral wreaths in their hair (matched to their adorable pink ballet flats) for the wedding of Queen Máxima’s brother, Juan Zorreguieta and Andrea Wolf. Princess Amalia certainly has grown up, hasn’t she?

Embed from Getty Images

If you haven’t already seen it, you really should view the exquisite ball gown and cape Queen Máxima wore to this wedding. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Photo from Getty as indicated

5 thoughts on “Dutch Princesses Serve as Bridesmaid Trio

  1. The girls looked adorable, they are growing up so fast and they are one lovely group of girls for KW and QM. I also do not like strapless wedding gowns, they look cheap and trashy and not for church. The bride was so underdressed for her wedding, at first I thought they were going to have an outdoor wedding in a field and then there is my absolutely fabulous Max………WOW, she is stunning in that gown and cape. There are no words to describe how beautiful she is………KW looks like one proud husband and father, what a lovely family. And it was wonderful to see Queen B and yes she is still Queen B to me, always. She looked so beautiful in that black and white gown, just love her!

  2. What a lovely trio of bridesmaids! The princesses look beautiful and happy to perform their important task, makes one smile behind the screen here. 🙂 Catharina-Amalia has grown up, no question there. And in this pic you can really see how beautiful facial features she has.

  3. I dislike strapless dresses. The bride looked under-dressed and casual. The bridesmaids looked sweet and Maxima was stunning.

  4. I agree about strapless dresses for church, its just not respectful, a little lace bolero or voile modesty cape would have been lovely. Maxima just kicked the ball out of the court! stunning outfit, yes a bit OTT but she is able to get away with that,and a hat would have been TOO much…His Majesty looks very happy with her and the three Princesses were just perfect.

  5. The princesses made lovely bridesmaids and I adored their colorful headbands, and that of the bride. However, I can’t abide strapless wedding dresses, especially because in cropped photos, it looks like they got married naked or their sleeves fell down, and it just doesn’t look covered enough for a church wedding. Queen Max’s ballgown was lovely, but I think the cloak looked too theatrical, and she needed a tiara, or at the very least a fascinator, for a church wedding, where the Queen should be setting an example for a religious wedding and obeying custom and covering her head.

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