Queen Elizabeth Wraps Up French Tour in Flower Market

On the final day of her and the Duke of Edinburgh’s state visit to France, Queen Elizabeth joined French President Francois Hollande and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo at a ceremony that renamed a Paris flower market in her honour. The Queen unveiled a new hat for this occasion, appropriately trimmed with a pale pink peony bloom.

 Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

This hat, in white straw, featured a tall square crown, a cloche style brim and a wide band of the same pink striped bouclé fabric that made up her suit. I like the colour palate of this ensemble very much but am disappointed in the hat shape, which looked bulbous and awkward. The bouclé fabric band around the crown was so wide and thick, it looked like it was actually the crown of the hat (with a white marshmallow plopped on top). I’m afraid the proportion on this hat is way off.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I suspect Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: this is a new hat

This hat miss aside, it has been a marvelous parade of hats worn by the Queen on this whirlwind three day tour. To look back at the hats worn on days one and two, see here, here, here and here. I’m curious, dear readers, which was your favourite hat worn by the Queen during her visit to France?

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14 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Wraps Up French Tour in Flower Market

  1. My goodness no, please your majesty. Please put that hat way back in the closet never to return. I t made her look top heavy, to much on top and the entire outfit looked heavy. Maybe it was the fabric, reminded me of some winter fabric I have.

  2. Coal miner’s headlamp was exactly what I thought too when I saw this hat. One thing you generally can count on with Angela Kelly is that she matches the hat to the outfit precisely. It’s odd, therefore, that this pinkish-purple peony goes with nothing on the jacket and that the gray lace trim on the jacket goes with nothing on the hat. Makes me wonder whether this outfit was made for another day of this trip and the peony just stuck on when it was decided to wear this to the flower show.
    The Queen should have worn the D-day ceremony chartreuse outfit with that giant flower to the flower show.
    My favorite outfits of the trip are the first two: the gray and white suit, and the shaggy pink suit with the overpowering but, I thought, effective matching hat.

  3. I think this is my least favourite of the new Paris hats; it’s a bit galumphing, somehow, no finesse. I suppose that’s partly to do with the exceptionally slubby fabric, which I cannot love close up, although I think the impression of the whole outfit isn’t bad from a distance. My favourite hat is the D-Day green one.

  4. I don’t hate this one or even really dislike it – it’s just in the OK book wonder what it would have looked like if it ended were the top of the crown band is and the crown was done all in that boucle? I do like this shade on her a lot today — sometimes this shade is not quite enough color on her but it works today. My fav hat for the tour by far was the green one at D-Day ceremonies!

  5. I am so used to seeing the Queen in smooth fabrics that the nobbly ones come as a surprise. This soft pink boucle suit has grown on me complete with its lace inserts which seem to be in fashion at present. In the full length photo above with the President I think the Queen looks just charming, every inch the elderly well dressed queen on a morning outing in Paris. I love that she can be bothered to mix up her fashions, try new trims, play with different fabrics and break out new hats and brooches.

    Choosing my favourite hat for this trip is difficult but I think the black, white and silver one wins. So chic. However, I thought the green outfit was perfect for the occasion on the beach.

  6. I am on the same page as TiarasRUs and JamesB on this one, the lace panelling is just bad, clashing terribly with the busy fabric. Why not either dispense with it all together and do the lapel and cuff stuff that worked so beautifully on the previous pink jacket, or somehow match it with the peony flower which I think looks rather nicely done. So, NO to the lace, YES to the short jacket, YES to the Peony and I’d have to say yes to the hat. It has slowly grown on me and I think it’s okay. It’s interesting to me that Her Majesty has unveiled 3 beautiful short jacketed outfits on this trip, which it would appear we are all enjoying immensely, and on the most important of days, we see a return to a long coat. Far from being a criticism, I find it intriguing and wonder what it says about HM’s attitudes and beliefs in regards to what is appropriate to wear and when. In regard to your question Hat Queen I liked the white silver and black hat the best, followed by this one. It has been a really enjoyable French post – THANKYOU.

  7. I rather like the pink bouclé suit she wore, except for those weird lace panels on the jacket base and sleeve cuffs, but the bouclé hat band around the hat’s crown looks frayed, like it was plucked by my cat, and is too wide, and I initially assumed that it was the total crown of the hat till I realized that there was even more hat above it! It was like a hat on top of a hat! The flower was way too big for such a narrow brim. My favorite hat of the French tour was the Queen’s white silk-covered lampshade-shaped hat, with the silver hat band that matched the Queen’s outfit, and black trim, that she wore for her Paris arrival.

  8. I’m quite surprised feeling is so anti this one – I rather liked it. I like the colours and the texture is lovely. I agree it’s a bit tall, but it’s not upsetting me. I could do without those weird lace panels on the suit (not sure what they’re about) but otherwise a good look for me. I certainly prefer this hat to her pink tweed one unveiled on Thursday.

  9. Even the flower is in the wrong place, it almost looks like a miner’s headlamp! 🙂 I don’t mind the suit, even though it is quite busy; it has been nice to see HM in something other than coats over dresses. But this hat is a big miss (or even a big mess).

    • exactly, a coal miner’s headlamp! i am glad to have read all your comments before posting exactly the same :-).

      a very beautiful fabric flower, however, which deserves a better home than this mess of a hat.

      PS i hate the lace inserts – otherwise the suit is chanel-y and hence very appropriate for paris.

  10. Oh my. In that first pic it looks like someone in a white top hat standing directly behind her. I think the pink could be taken off and worn as a hat in its own right.

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