British Royals at Third Palace Garden Party

The British Royal Family celebrated Prince Philip’s 93rd birthday today (the dutiful troopers they are) by attending the third Buckingham Palace Garden Party of the 2014 season. The Queen led her family in a very pretty blue straw hat with squared crown wrapped in a slim, knotted bow. If you look closely, you will notice that the woven design of the straw moves into a delicate lattice pattern on the brim. Between the beautiful colour, the lattice pattern framing the Queen’s face and the restrained bow, this hat is beautiful on Her Majesty. While many news agencies reported this as an Angela Kelly design (and my initial post indicated this as well), I believe it was actually designed by Philip Somerville.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Philip Somerville
Previously Worn: June 19, 2008November 26, 2005

The birthday boy looked exceedingly handsome in a mushroom grey wool top hat with black band around the crown. Philip always wears morning dress so elegantly and I adore how he matched his carnation buttonhole to his tie! Princes the world over should take note because THIS is how it’s done.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a new hat, described by the designer as made of “ivory straw with cobweb and nude lace overlay”.  I thought the ecru trimming round the front plate on the hat as well as around the bow tails at the back was so pretty and beautifully complimented Kate’s Alexander McQueen champagne lace dress. If I were to nitpick, I might say that the plate front on my hat seemed an awkward shape but the detail on this hat (lace, contrasting trim, movement on those bow tails) are so exquisite the shape seems inconsequential.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Corbett
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

Princess Anne brought one of the best millinery surprises of the day- an abstract teardrop-shaped white straw hat trimmed win looped bows, silk flowers and white net. Paired with her elegant ice blue dress and jacket, Anne looked incredible (minus the navy gloves). It was such a treat to see her in a more modern style of hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: I think this may be a new hat

It was lovely to see Princess Eugenie, who has been out of the limelight after taking a job in New York. Eugenie wore a black straw hat edged in black crin, trimmed with a crin bow on the side. It is very similar to one of our favourite hats she wore last year and I loved how the crin sparkled in the sun. This is a really lovely hat on her and looked very chic with her tailored white summer dress.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer:  Nerida Fraiman
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

The Duchess of Gloucester rounded out today’s stellar parade of hats with a cream pillbox trimmed in a puff of tulle veil on top. Brigitte wears berets and pillbox hats so well with her short hairstyle and this one was classic and elegant.British Royal Family, June 10, 2014| Royal Hats

I can only imagine this family’s love and devotion for their patriarch made them pull out all the stops today because the hats were absolutely fantastic. I am hard pressed to choose a favourite- can you?

Press Association; Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “British Royals at Third Palace Garden Party

  1. Anne’s hat looks like it’s from Jane Taylor. I can’t find it on the site but I looks a lot like her designs.

    • Thanks, George. I originally thought it was a Somerville hat and was surprised when the news outlets yesterday reported it as designed by Angela Kelly. I have made the correction.

  2. It is rarely that Anne looks so absolutely put together in a good way. The hat looks fabulous on her and her outfit for once is not frumpy with a wild print but is pretty and looks very chic on her. So I say Anne is the winner at this garden party in my book and she had very tough competition as all the ladies looked fantastic and wore wonderful headgear. Philip is dapper as always. He does know how to wear fancy dress.

  3. I think Kate needs to loose those bows – she’s done it too many times now. And the plate hat might look just OK now but is going to be a look that folks will look back on in 20 yrs and think it was really horrible. Princess Anne and Princess Eugenie looked great in their head toppers

  4. Everyone looked lovely. I especially liked the Queen’s dress and coat. The tie at the perfect spot to allow a little bit of flare to the shape. All the hats were lovely. Good job Angela. So glad for a chance to say that!

  5. The Queen has been digging into the back of her closet this year, hasn’t she? Haven’t seen this one for a long time, but it’s an excellent outfit. Hat is perfect. As has been mentioned, restraint is a good concept for Angela Kelly. I suspect one reason that the outfit has been worn so infrequently is that the Queen has had so many similar light blue outfits to choose from.
    Anytime the Princess Royal wears a new hat she deserves special mention. Impressive showing for everyone!

  6. I’m definitely in the minority today. HM’s hat does benefit from restraint in the trimming. The other royal ladies look dull to me. I really dislike the DOC’s hat. The saucer part is too flat, small and insubstantial. Her dress is lovely, if an inch or two too long (something I never thought I would say of her!) When compared to the laces worn by the Swedish royals over the weekend, this is much more delicate and pretty. Princess Anne’s hat has the appropriate blowsey trim for a garden party, though I am not a fan of those teardrop shaped hats. Princess Eugenie’s hat is nice, but I think her’s is the hair that should draw the ‘messy’ comments on this occasion.

  7. Thanks for bringing us this great show of hats. My favorite was the Queen’s blue straw hat with the interesting woven straw design then the lattice pattern on the brim, and the simple trim. it works best when Angela Kelly exercises restraint with her trims. I love that shade of blue on the Queen and her outfit and brooches were elegant, however, I didn’t like the big bow at the front, as it reminded me of maternity wear. The Princess Royal’s entire outfit was one of the best I have ever seen her wear, and that teardrop shaped hat really suited her. The Duchess of Cambridge wears her saucer hats too far forward, and the hair is all messy blowing around in the wind.

  8. Wins all round, well done. Let me say how fantastic Princess Anne is, you never know what she’ll do next. And for someone who rarely wears anything terribly “in fashion” she just pulls this off with aplomb. Breeding, you can’t go past it! I agree that Kate’s hat is a bit frou-frou for a busy dress. It’s almost right, but about 2% off. Eugenie’s hat is great, Brigitte’s suits her and her outfit, and the Queen looks tremendous. Would that we were all so energetic and stylish at 88! Huzzah for garden parties.

  9. I have to confess I have never seen Her Majesty in this outfit before and….I love it. I like how the coat is brought together at the front, a very pleasing change from the ubiquitous row of buttons! The hat is kept simple and is well matched. Beautiful.
    Re The Duchess of Cambridge. Mmmm, not sold yet. I think it’s the choice of dress. I immediately compared it to its first, very high profile airing which I have to say was probably one of The Duchess’s most memorable, elegant and stunning looks. I think it looks plain without the lustrous sash, which perhaps was an attempt to “dress down” the outfit. I really like the saucer shape of the hat and the cobweb look and lace flowers on the top work nicely together but then there’s those tails that (to me) don’t seem to gel. Sorry, I’m being rather picky. Perhaps it’s the overall bland palette that’s not working for me. Cheers.

  10. A really splendid crop, with not a dud among them as far as I’m concerned. Eugenie’s is a great success. large but very simple. I think Kate’s hat would be improved if the saucer were just a bit bigger, but overall very acceptable. Anne’s hat is simply splendiferous. The Duchess of Gloucester very unadventurous but always completely to be depended on for restrained elegance. And the Queen’s hat is great.

    • Kate’s hat isn’t the only problem, its the whole picture. The entire look doesn’t do a thing for me, unfortunately. Same ol’ same ol’. BORING.

  11. Eugenie’s hat was my favourite. It suited her healthy, glowing style. I thought Kate’s outfit was too pale and the hat was far too fussy. The Queen looked superb.

  12. The whole family has been on quite a roll lately haven’t they!

    MrFitzroy can’t stop smiling at the idea of a 90 something Princess Royal wearing this particular hat to Prince George’s wedding….we know she NEVER tosses a hat! This one is definitely a keeper, it will be interesting to see what else she will wear it with in the years to come.

    Duchess of Cambridge, lovely — a tiny (pardon the pun) bit reminiscent of Empress Michiko’s little saucers.
    Princess Eugenie — she looks increasingly like a young Queen Mother, and this hat emphasizes that.
    Duchess of Gloucester — dependable, trusty, but makes one wish for a bit of Princess Michael dash…..

    Her Majesty is looks absolutely brilliant. The whole ensemble is fabulous, and it is a perfect example of how a well designed straw hat can be eons better than a staid hat of the garment fabric. When MrFitzroy sees hats like this, and several of those worn last week designed by Ms. Kelly, it is clear she can do lovely things — and three cheers to her….Her best is always “less is more” — as HM’s most successful Kelly hats all tend towards the simpler…..
    Let’s hope this lovely trend continues, and comgrats to Ms. Kelly for a lovely run of marvelous hats lately! (We will overlook the flower market).

  13. So this is the weird thing for me. She’s had that beautiful hat all this time and only worn it twice in 9 years?! Why would it languish in the back of the closet? A mystery to me! I love it – restrained, great colour, great size.

    I must say though I really dislike Kate’s hat. The cocktail hat previously worn with this dress (which I much preferred with it’s belt also) was so chic. This is too frilly and fussy for this elegant sheath. And I also think it’s too small.

    Anne’s looking amazing. See – it can be done. And I like Eugenie’s too – I wish the Yorkies would wear more big hats. And a final hurrah for an elegant Birgitte.

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