Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge Celebrate Trooping the Colour

After looking at the hats worn by The Queen and the ‘royal colonels’ (members of her family who hold the rank of Colonel for various guards), it’s time to turn our attention to the royal hats worn by other members of the British Royal Family. One of my favourite hats of the day was worn by the Duchess of Cornwall, who repeated one of her magnificent straw picture hats. This one, in dusty pink, was trimmed by silk peonies and leaves, a giant curling feather spine and wide ribbon circling the brim in gentle waves. Undoubtedly, that makes for a lot of trim on a single hat but Camilla carries it off so well.

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Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 19, 2012; June 7, 2011; August 15, 2010; June 12, 2010; June 17, 2009; 

The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a new percher hat in palest ice blue, trimmed with delicate lace detail. It an interesting hat that looks to be a cross between the hat Kate wore for Easter during her and William’s tour of Australia, and this hat, worn by Zara Philips to Cheltenham back in March. I love the gently sloped shape of the hat and adore the lace trim. Paired with her beautiful ice blue Alexander McQueen suit, I thought this hat was fantastic.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: this is a new hat

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11 thoughts on “Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge Celebrate Trooping the Colour

  1. Camilla looked wonderful. Such a wonderful colour for her. It is a fantastic hat and so beautiful. Kate’s hat did not appeal to me. I think her hairdo detracted from the hat. I may have liked it more if Kate’s hair been in a chignon.

  2. Catherine’s hat is fine, a good example of her style, and if it were something unusual on her, we’d probably be very enthusiastic. However, it is so similar to most of her hats that it is a little dull.

    Camilla’s hat is superb and she wears it very well. I’m also struck by how well it must be made to balance properly; I know the trim is on the downward side, but still, one would think the weight of the trimmings would be pulling it even more down all the time, making it insecure, but it doesn’t give that appearance at all. I think even Camilla has only a few hats that are Trooping / Ascot -worthy, and it seems to me repeating after a four year gap is quite okay! After all, rather few people among the crowd / viewers are going to be keeping such careful track as we…

  3. I am okay with repeats, especially when they look as good as Camilla’s hat looks on her. I love all the different hues of pink used and how they all work so beautifully together. This is a gorgeous hat. Re The Duchess of Cambridge, the hat is okay and the pretty little bit of lace trim is nice but not outstanding. I think, like others have mentioned, the Duchess hasn’t quite hit the heights in the hat stakes yet. Forever hopeful of course.

  4. Camilla looked wonderful – Kate’s was OK and better paired to this suit than the repeat of her beige lace dress this past week paired with the hat that was too structured for it – She sure seems to like the little hats – I ‘d like to see her branch out and wear some bigger ones for summer.

  5. I wish there was a complete photo of Lady Helen Taylor’s hat. I’ve only been able to find a partial shot, but her whole outfit looked pretty cool.

  6. Large and overpowering, Camilla’s hat is fantastic! Does seem like poor planning on someone’s part that she wore this to a previous Trooping, however. That’s why one keeps lists of these things.
    Kate looks regal.

    • Camilla often repeats hats to Trooping the Colour or Ascot. While I love new royal hats coming into circulation, I do respect how many times Camilla wears her hats.

      • I also like that she repeats them – the whole push by Charles to cut the profile of the Royals fits with her theme of repeats as well.

  7. Camilla’s hat is so beautiful. As you said, a lot of trim but she can pull it off. Loved it!

    Kate’s hat is also nice but unfortunately nothing more. Something more interesting next time, please.

  8. Camilla’s hat is fabulous yes…. However she has worn it loads – including for the 2010 Trooping – which I find a bit rubbish. I know she’s thrifty but recycling for the same event’s bad planning. Kate looked lovely, though her hair was a bit messy (but that’s another topic). I liked her suit a lot, but the hat, though nice enough, is just ‘more of the same’. I wish she’d wear a bigger hat for a change!

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