Yorks and Wessexes At Trooping the Colour

Queen Elizabeth’s remaining two children and their families also attended her official birthday celebration yesterday, as expected. Prince Edward wore the uniform of the Royal Colonel of The London Scottish Regiment which includes a kilt and black and feathered cap. Prince Andrew wore a black top hat with his traditional morning suit.

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The Countess of Wessex wore a lovely new pinky-beige straw beret trimmed with organdie ribbon curls and a large cream silk bloom. I thought it was very pretty with her lace frock and struck the perfect note of elegance for yesterday’s formal event. The only change I’d like to see here is a more polished hairstyle to really show off this hat.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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Designer: unconfirmed. I believe it is Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: I think this is a new hat

Princess Eugenie also debuted a new hat in wheat coloured straw. The mushroom shaped hat was embellished with what looked like abstract leaves in soft, neutral colours. The effect was soft and very pretty on Eugenie, who looked wonderful in this hat shape.

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Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sarah Cant
Previously Worn: This is a new hat

While I am always sorry not to see Princess Beatrice and Zara Philips at major British Royal events (they, along with Peter and Autumn Philips did not attend yesterday), the hats in the Queen’s immediate family were all winners yesterday. It’s interesting to notice that while each hat had lots of distinct personality, the overall palate, when seen altogether as below, allowed the Queen to stand out in her vibrant royal blue brim.

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I will be back late tonight with the remaining royal hats from the Kent and Gloucester families.

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Yorks and Wessexes At Trooping the Colour

  1. Sophie’s hat is by far the best thing about her outfit, although the hat hair is not great – the dress (or is it blouse and skirt) is terribly unflattering in cut and just doesn’t look formal enough for this event. I love Eugenie’s hat.

    • I totally agree! While I have been enjoying watching Sophie’s style evolve, I hoped after she wore this dress and saw herself in photographes, she might see the lack of structure did not work with her figure. The hat is pretty. Is it my imagination or does Sophie have quite a few neutral hats?

  2. I like Sophie’s hat enough – although she has a dozen others like it! I thought it was the same one as last year’s trooping – it’s not a million miles off. My issue is the dress, it’s not structured enough or this event, it’s nice but I found it not formal enough. Also agree – better hair needed.

    Now Euge’s hat is fabulous. A great shape on her, but again, better hair needed. My issue once more is the frock. The hat is fresh and summery – a retro 50s vibe. Whilst I can see the point of the dress, a take on a trad mackintosh, it’s a mismatch for me. A lovely 50s dress with a full skirt would have been lovely – and great on her hourglass figure.

    God I’m hard to please aren’t i!?

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