Ascot Day 4

Royal Hats Yesterday turned out to be a vibrant day of royal hats for Day 4 of Ascot. I am so pleased to welcome American milliner Jill Courtemanche and British Milliner Katie Vale back to share their insights and opinions of the hats we saw.

Queen Elizabeth in Angela Kelly

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KV: By far my favourite hat that we’ve seen the Queen in so far this Ascot. The colour is glorious. And the flower decoration is pretty. I like this so much on the Queen because the crown is actually smaller than she usually wears and that’s a good thing in my book.

JC: This is not my favorite, I think it all looks a little heavy. The brim with the sheer straw and fabric bumper is very flattering on the queen but I find the crown a touch too tall and the trim too much in the center of the hat. The trim itself looks like a bit of a jumble of whatever was in the drawer, I think it weighs the hat down instead of adding a hint of whimsy.

RH: I like the mix of textures and the straw brim on this fabric hat does lighten it a little. I also love the fabric ‘bumper’ edging the brim. The colour is glorious and the shape is wonderful but there is something about the mix of sweet pink flowers and racy animal print feathers that has the trim on this hat headed off madly in different directions.

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, Princess of Jordan, Sheikha of Dubai in Philip Treacy

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RH: Now THIS is a cocktail hat! I adore the movement, the lightness of the crin and straw ribbon tails (similar to the ones that adorned Camilla’s hat back on Day 1) and the scale of the decoration. This hat has drama and much personality but is not entirely over the top. I love it!

KV: This is quite different from what we’ve seen from her this week. It’s a lot smaller and more subtle. But I’m a big fan. The delicate material and flowing decoration echo her top well. Being in cream it’s difficult to see the full detail, but overall I like it. She looks elegant and classy in this.

JC: Glorious! This is truly a stunning hat and it completely makes the outfit. All of her hats this week have been very feminine and this one is no exception. I love how it appears so effortless like it just landed softly on her head. This is definitely one of my favorites of the week so far.

 Lady Sarah Chatto in Stephen Jones

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JC: Very simple, clean and modern but really a bit boring for the Ascot. I would like to have seen a bit more trim going on especially since she wore this same silhouette last week. This could have easily had some gorgeous flowers or a feather trim added on to give it some flare for the event. That said it is a lovely shape on her and she has it tilted perfectly to create a nice line

KV: As you can see, the asymmetrical discs are at the height of fashion this year. They give a large hat feel, but only a small part is actually touching the head, therefore they aren’t too hot to wear and allow various different hair styles. Unfortunately Sarah looks very drained in this cream hat. It’s quite a basic design and is in just a bland cream colour. I think the size and shape is lovely but it needs some decoration on it. It also needs to be a different colour!

RH: To be fair, the photos released today don’t show this hat to greatest effect. Lady Sarah wore this hat also for Trooping the Colour this year- a better view can be seen here. Her aesthetic is usually clean and modern, and I love the shape on her. It looks like she embellished this hat with a pair of diamond brooches- a hat with diamonds seems like a wonderful idea!

Lady Helen Taylor in Stephen Jones

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JC: I am not sure what this is but it reminds me of a crumpled hanky on a headband. I think if maybe it was tilted a bit more forwards towards the right eye it would help but as it is now I am not a fan. The scattered rhinestone trim doesn’t add much interest either.

KV: I like that she is wearing something unique, however I feel that the placement is wrong. It needs to be further to the side, at present it looks more like a squashed mortar board. I can see what she’s trying to achieve here, but I don’t think it has worked if I’m honest.

RH: I just don’t understand this hat, nor why it was paired with this particular dress. Scratching my head with this one. And I take back my previous comment- hats with diamonds aren’t always a good idea (!).

The Countess of St. Andrews in Yvette Jelfs

Countess of St. Andrews, June 20, 2014 | Royal Hats

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JC:I think this is a great color tone for her, the mocha color really flatters her skin tone. I am not sure I would paired with a black suit but the hat itself is lively on her and I really love the flower next to her face. We have seen a lot of that this week and really adds a nice softness to these more modern saucer shapes.

KV: Oh this is amazing! It’s dramatic yet isn’t too fussy! The nude colour is very elegant and not over powering at all. The shape is beautiful with the large lip, and I like that the flower is hidden.

RH: Sylvana’s daughter Lady Marina wore this hat to Trooping the Colour last week. Like Katie and Jill, I love the subtle colour, the flower spray under the brim and the overall shape of the hat. It is dramatic indeed, but with a gentleness to it that is oh-so pretty.

The hats yesterday were completely different from the hats we saw on days one, two and three. I’m curious, dear readers- what did you think of yesterday’s Ascot hats?

Photos from Getty as indicated and Getty for Ascot Racecourse via The Daily Mail

10 thoughts on “Ascot Day 4

  1. Queen: Love the colour but dislike the hat embellishment greatly – flowers (that don’t really go with anything else and are the wrong shade of pink) AND a feather (that does go, but I don’t much care for it as it looks like it came from a cheap duster) AND a fabric bow. Good grief!
    Haya: Love the hat, commiserate about the the bra strap (the neck on the blouse is just a little too wide, hate it when that happens).
    Sarah: Love the hat and the thought that put diamond clips on it, but she always wears such pale colours and looks so washed out.
    Helen: Love the whole thing. She is so stylish yet still an exciting dresser, unafraid.
    Sylvana: A lovely big hat. Intrigued that her daughter wore it tilted the other way and with the flower on the other side. A clever hat too!

  2. The countess of St. Andrews is wearing yvette jelfs lipped side sweep and hand made rose. Thank you for your kind comments.
    Ps Tessa Cambell Fraser who was in the carriages on ladies day was also wearing yvette jelfs. Couture. Please do look at photos on our yvette jelfs hats facebook page or our blog on
    Kindness regards. Love your blog.

  3. I spy with my little eye…..countess of st andrews’s hat on someone else’s head atbthe trooping of color. I wasn’t able to discern who she was but she eas wearing a striking fuschia suit.

    realz? Or just my imagination there’s some sharing going on?

  4. Princess Haya has the winning hat here in my opinion. Her hair looks elegant also. However, her left bra-strap is showing and that is certainly not elegant! The gold skirt looks like evening wear, not an item suitable for a race day. My second favorite here is the Queen’s hat, and her outfit is colorful. I do think there is a little too much trim on the hat. I’m also sick of seeing the same black bag and shoes. I give third place to the Countess of St. Andrews, as the mocha color suits her hair and skin tones, and although it would look over-the-top at some other events, its fine for the races. It can even double as an umbrella if it rains. I like her suit, but I wish she hadn’t chosen a dark one for a race meeting. Fourth place goes to Lady Sarah, as her hat isn’t interesting, I don’t think the saucer shape suits her face, and I hate that you can see the attaching bands in he hair. She should have covered these with her hair.

    The outfit I like least is Lady Helen’s, because she looks like she has a crumpled hanky on a visible headband on her head. The scattered rhinestone trim looks odd, and more suited to evening wear. The hat doesn’t coordinate with the outfit. I dislike the transparent panels on her outfit, especially the one hanging below her skirt, which looks like her underslip is showing.

  5. The only hat I truly like is Princess Haya’s. I usually love what she wears but not not this week, at least until today.
    I have enjoyed looking at all the different styles at Ascot.

  6. What I particularly like about the Queen’s hat is that the shape and the rather dark brim accentuate the Queen’s white hair (first two photos above in particular). In the first distance photos it looked as though the underbrim actually might be white or at least lined with the dress fabric. Although I could do without the fabric bows, I like the crow, the flower and especially the bumper. This at least the Queen’s fourth new hat in virtually the same color within the last 9 months, however.

  7. The Queen’s hat-the crown isn’t so high and that is a big plus, but overall, still a crafty project. The bow and the funny business with all the flowers and feathers, if they had been left off, maybe it would be better. Her outfits never change, but the color. This is a good color.
    Now Princess Haya has a good hat going there, but that skirt takes all the attention away from it. I like that hat on her. She always seems so cheerful and her poor husband so dour. I bet she cheers up his life.
    It seems that all of Lady Sarah’s hats are the same but a color change. Or maybe I’ve just not seen many. They do seem to suit her.
    I kinda like Lady Helen’s hat. I don’t know why. It does look like something got crushed in transit, but it’s cute on her. Her dress on the other hand, I like it and it puzzles me. Those sheer parts seem rather oddly placed, like a last minute, lengthen sleeves and hem. But the retro look of the rest of it seems “royal”.
    Now the Countess , hmm. My first thought was it appears that it is sliding off her head. And it’s so big and it looks heavy. Good umbrella if it rained-just funnel the rain right off. I’m just having fun, but don’t you wonder what husbands think of these?.

  8. It’s all about Her Majesty for me. The colour alone warms my heart, it so suits her. I particularly like the hot pink edge on the neckline of the dress, it seems to bring the outfit together and give it a more smoothly coordinated look. I like the hat quite a bit – the shape and size is good and the straw brim gives the hat some contrast and lightness, ensuring that the look is not too heavy. The first 2 photos of HM are just beautiful. Thankyou.

  9. When ifirst looked at Lady Helens hat I went WTF but the more I look at the picktures the more I actually like it. The whole ensemble is very 1940s chic.. I like it alot.

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