British Royals Open Air Terminal and Jet to Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh had a busy day of engagements yesterday. The royal couple visited Heathrow Airport in London where Queen Elizabeth officially opened the new Terminal 2 (she opened the old Terminal 2 in 1955!). The Queen looked wonderful in a vibrant blue hat with square crown and mushroom brim. The hat was wrapped in a wide sash of pleated silk which cascaded down the front of the brim. The sash is the star of this hat and I thought it was both interesting and very attractive. This is a hat I certainly hope to see again and I am curious to hear what you, dear readers, think of it.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: October 22, 2011

After opening Terminal 2, The Queen and Prince Philip Boarded a flight for Belfast to begin a three day visit. The Queen, who arrived in the same blue hat, was greeted by Lord Lieutenant of Belfast, Mary Peters, when she arrived.

 Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “British Royals Open Air Terminal and Jet to Northern Ireland

  1. An article I read described the colour as Kingfisher Blue, I like that. I hadn’t realised HM had worn this on her last visit to my country (Australia). The sash does look lustrous and the pleats rather nicely done. Nice.

  2. ohh, I love this! It’s definitely my favorite that I’ve seen her wear since following your blog. So simple and elegant.

    • This is a gorgeous hat. I like it better than the hats she wore to Ascot this year. The pleated silk gives a “WOW” factor that is so elegant.

  3. finally a nice sophisticated hat…but her hair seems to keep the hat pushed up into the air in the second and third picture…hope it is just those two pictures.

  4. This is a wonderful hat, I think; it gives a simple uncluttered overall impression, but has a wonderful dash of panache with the way the pleated sash spreads across the side of the brim. And it’s a lovely colour.

    • More proof that when it comes to trimming a hat, often less is more. We have seen the Queen in some absolutely beautiful Angela Kelly hats this past month, haven’t we?

      • I absolutely agree – it feels like AK has dropped the glue gun and gone back to what she is really good at – classic shapes with a little twist to make them interesting. From the hats we saw in France to the new ones we have seen unveiled in Northern Ireland, I think they’ve all been winners. Do you think she’s reading this blog (you know it wouldn’t surprise me – after all, you would wouldn’t you!) If you are Angela – great work!!

  5. Agree – this is lovely. The sash on this hat is stunning, it’s an unusual embellishment, but I like it. Was really hoping to see it again.

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