Designer Interview: Philip Treacy

Royal Hats One of the most prolific royal hat designers these days is Irish milliner Philip Treacy. He was interviewed by the Investec Derby Festival (which is held each June at Epsom Downs and attended by Queen Elizabeth) about his approach to design. It’s a short but interesting interview. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Designer Interview: Philip Treacy

  1. Yes, thankyou from me too. Let’s hope Mr Treacy continues to be endlessly inspired from shapes all around us, and continues to do “Whatever he wants”. A post featuring a selection of his hats would be most enjoyable Hat Queen…….when you have a spare minute. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Hat Queen for this interesting interview with Philip Treacy and the behind the scenes look at his showroom.

  3. So good! Thank you for posting the interview. I think he seems like an artist who truly enjoys his life’s work.

    Somehow I wonder if he will be remembered too much by the wedding hat he made for Princess Beatrice. After the Cambridge wedding there was so much talk about this one hat.

    • Yes, who can forget Princess Beatrice’s hideous hat that looked like a toilet seat! On a positive note, at least she raised money for charity when she sold it. I wonder how much that mistake was due to Treacy and how much was due to Princess Beatrice having a particular hat style in mind when she consulted him. Some clients are hard to please, and insistent that they get what they want.

      • Who knows what really happened, during Mr. Treacy and Princess Beatrice consultation, about her hat for the Cambridge wedding.

        I do remember on a U.S.A. program, for the run up to the wedding, where it showed the Princess speaking to Mr. Treacy at his shop. She said something along the line, where she seemed to provide him much leeway in the hats design. I remember her saying to him that she would trust him. Does anyone else remember this TV show?

  4. His comment “everybody wants to look good and hats make people look better” is so interesting! Maybe that’s a criteria we should use here- does each royal hat make the person wearing it look better?!

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