Queen Elizabeth Opens Reading Station

Queen Elizabeth visited Reading Railway Station this morning to view the station’s recently completed redevelopement and renovation. For this visit (she officially reopened the venue and posed with some of the many workers who worked on the project), she repeated a blue hat we have not seen in a while. One of Angela Kelly’s flat crown and flat brim hats, this hat was covered in the same blue silk as the Queen’s jacket and trimmed with a spray of curling s crimson, yellow and orange ombre feathers and blue fabric leaves. On its own, this hat is brought to life by the interesting and colourful feather trim. I’m less certain of its success paired with this fussy blue jacket and embroidered dress

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: July 4, 2010

Photo from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Opens Reading Station

  1. I actually love the hat. The feathers are more unique than her usual flower or bow. I don’t mind the jacket, but would like to see it paired with a dress of a solid color or vice versa a solid jacket with the printed dress. It seems a bit matchy, matchy all around the way she wears it now.

  2. I remember quite liking this when it had it’s Canadian outing, and I like it still. This was of course before we’d been flat brimmed out, and the feathers here are rather jolly. I can however agre that, much as I like the colours of the outfit and the pattern of the dress, this’s does err towards the homemade end, which we know AK can do so well. I think the jacket’s the problem here -shiny fabrics don’t do wonders for the, erm, fuller bosomed lady.

  3. Another repeat from the Canada tour. Perhaps the Queen’s clothing is stored by date rather than by color.
    Actually I like the dress with its scalloped and perhaps embroidered hem. The dress alone has been worn for numerous receptions.
    The scalloped jacket is less successful and not particularly attractive. The hat, as has been stated previously, would look better without the turquoise/blue flower. The feathers on the hat do tie the whole outfit together, but it’s just not one of the Queen’s better outfits. Keep the dress; ditch the jacket and the hat.

  4. I feel the hat would probably appeal to me more if the blue leaves were absent and it just had the feather curlicues. I think it works quite well as an over all ensemble (the base colour turquoise is lovely!) I like the dress and jacket as a change from her more common choices, but I think the jacket fabric (silk?) is rather unforgiving and makes it look ill-fitting.

  5. Absolutely ghastly. The whole outfit us a disaster and the hat is dreadful. I often don’t like a particuar aspect of many hat but this one ticks all the wrong boxes.

    I wonder if The Queen ever thinks to herself ‘oh dear I look dreadful today, – if she does it was definitely this morning.

    • I think we should as a group email the Queen’s secretary and let them know what we think. Our Queen is a beautiful lady and she deserves to be dressed well.

  6. Seen as a complete ensemble, I think the colors of the hat balance well with the jacket and dress The Queen is wearing. The hat trim does not seem too overloaded, but simple enough to not compete with the scallop and color edging on the jacket. I rather like the whole outfit–a nice variation for Her Majesty.

  7. Her lady in waiting had a beautiful hat and suit . Sadly , it showed this outfit to look crafty and cheap looking..

  8. From a distance it looks quite cheerful, from up close it looks like one of the great granddaughters has been fiddling with the hat.

  9. It just worse every time . The clothes look so home made instead of designer. What are her stylist doing to her? I hope the Queen speaks up soon. Such beautiful blue eyes.

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