Spanish Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Remaining Reigning Royal Houses

The Royal Hats Blog Several representatives from other reigning royal houses also attended the marriage of the Princes of Asutrias and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano on May 22, 2004. Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain and his wife Hala bint D’aij Al Khalifa represented their country. Hala wore an interesting orange wool hat with flat crown wrapped in a slim, buckled belt. The crown of the hat sloped down into the brim without an adjoining seam and created a unique millinery shape. It is not the first hat I would have thought of to pair with Hala’s lemon yellow, flower trimmed suit and it made for an interesting and unexpected combination.

Hala bint D'aij Al Khalifa, May 22, 2004 | Royal Hats

Princess Caroline of Monaco and Hanover was predictably dressed head-to-toe in Chanel. The unfinished strips of silk that made up her pale blue jacket were repeated in a coordinating silk band and rosette which trimmed her straw picture hat. I am not usually a fan of flat crowned hats but there was something about the proportion of this hat (and the way it perfectly coordinated with Caroline’s suit) that made it work so beautifully well. Very pretty, indeed.

Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco, May 22, 2004 in Chanel | Royal Hats Princess Caroline of Hanover and Monaco, May 22, 2004 in Chanel | Royal Hats

I believe we have made our way through all of the guests from reigning royal houses who attended this wedding- next up are the guests from non reigning royal houses. We’ll start with some fantastical hats worn by the Bulgarian princesses. 

Photos from  AFP/Getty Images and A. Jones/J. Whatling/J. Parker/M. Cuthbert via Getty; Leo Yasky via Wire Image

11 thoughts on “Spanish Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Remaining Reigning Royal Houses

  1. I really like Princess Hala’s gorgeous woollen hat. It looks really chic…and a little bit cheeky at the same time. The colour is very warm and is picking up the flecks of matching colour in the suit. She seems to have a slight satisfied smile on her face too. Nice choice.

  2. Whilst Caroline’s outfit is certainly quite chic, I remember finding it a bit of a yawnfest at the time. She can do things a little edgier than this, and I much prefer that…

  3. Who is the lady on the left of the photo featuring Hala bint D’aiji Al Khlifa? And do you have a photo of the hat she is wearing? Love your “Royal Hats” it is something I look forward to receiving. Thank you.

      • Good question. The Wessexes attended Crown Prince Frederik’s wedding in Denmark a week earlier so maybe one wedding was enough for them. Lady Louise was just six months old at the time. Prince Charles also seems to have a long-standing relationship with the Spanish royal family.

  4. I like Caroline’s entire ensemble…but the jacket of her suit looks far too large, even for something unstructured.

  5. Hala looked stunning in this unique orange wool hat and I don’t recall ever seeing a hat where the crown sloped down into the brim without an adjoining seam. The color and shape suited her well, and I think worked surprisingly well with her lemon suit. Thanks for bringing us this photo Hat Queen as I didn’t notice her in the congregation at the time of the Royal Wedding and I don’t recall seeing any media coverage of her. I reckon she was one of the best-dressed guests.

    I do recall seeing Princess Caroline’s outfit, and I was disappointed that the jacket and hatband had the frayed look, that makes it look like the dog chewed up your outfit. I loved the shade of blue on her, and the hat shape, accessories and jewels were all so elegant.

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