Spanish Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Two Queens and the Grand Duchess

The May 22, 2004 wedding of the Prince of Asturias and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was also attended by the Queen of Denmark, Queens of Jordan and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

Queen Margrethe was her characteristically vibrant self in a red and watermelon pink straw picture hat. Coordinated perfectly to her dress, this hat featured a red straw crown and brim topped with a second brim in light pink dotted with the same red polka dots as were on the Queen Margrethe’s dress. The hat was finished with a pink sash around the crown and large bow on the side. I love the colour (pulling off a pink and red hat is no easy feat), the pretty effect of the double brim and the creative use of those cheeky polka dots on the hat. The whole ensemble was light and lovely for a spring wedding.

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Queen Noor of Jordan topped her pale pink and dove grey coat with a simple white headscarf. Queen Rania and Princess Muna, who also attended this wedding, did not wear hats or headpieces.

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Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a large turquoise straw ‘slice’ hat with high, upturned brim on one side. On its own, this is a lovely hat but it seemed completely unconnected to her teal dress and embroidered jacket. The two shades of blue read so differently that I’m left wondering how this hat could have possibly been created to go with this particular ensemble.

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My favourite hat in this lot was clearly the one worn by Queen Margrethe (a hat I wish she would wear again!). What are your thoughts on these hats?

This afternoon, we’ll look at the hats worn by representatives from the remaining reigning royal families in attendance at this wedding. 

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12 thoughts on “Spanish Royal Wedding Ten Years On: Two Queens and the Grand Duchess

  1. I’m sad she didn’t wear at least a small thing in her head, but I remember that was the first time I noticed Queen Rania and I fell in love with her.

  2. Queen Margethe takes the gold, Queen Noor the silver and Grand Duchess Maria Therese the bronze. No placings for the ladies not up to dress code.

  3. Daisy’s colourful outfit is just fabulous, and the hat is too. I’m a colour fiend so of course it’s my No.1. But I also like the quiet pastels of Queen Noor and the blue with teal does not offend me, as I think the teal has a blue undertone. Not sure about M-T’s neckline though, and the exuberance of necklaces.

  4. I like the blue and teal together, it is interesting. It´s a bit like fuchsia and red or fuchsia and orange together. Unusual yes, but not unpleasing.

  5. Queen Margrethe for the win! And frankly, it’s the hat that does it….the shape and color are wonderful. I also like the necklace that she’s wearing…not the way we typically see pearls.

  6. Love Queen M’s hat and outfit. I don’t hate GD MT’s outfit, well, I love the hat… the suit leaves something to be desired.

    I wish the Islamic royal ladies had worn lace headscarves. The Spanish do lace so well – not just the mantilla, but in so many fashionable ways – it would have been a nice nod to that culture.

    • It’s a nice idea but thanks to the Moorish conquest of Spain, that country and the Muslim world have history so there may be subtleties to consider. Queen Noor always looks quietly elegant, doesn’t she?

  7. What a light, bright, cheerful and yet soft ensemble Queen Margrethe is wearing. She looks really lovely. I am particularly taken with the pattern of the fabric, with it’s volcanic burst of yellow, orange and red. Gorgeous. My son will really like this hat (he likes the double brim ones!) Clever design.
    I do think that this shade of green is a really good colour for The Grand Duchess and the suit looks nicely tailored and is flattering. The hat is a good size and shape for her and matches the other accessories, but do they complement the green suit? Mmmmm….a touch too bright blue I think. Once again I am liking the choice of necklace, even more so than Laurentien’s. Overall, an okay look for MT, I have seen her in much worse!!! Thanks

  8. Queen M’s dress is so pretty and feminine too, she looks terrific. MT does seem a bit all over the shop – I think I like her dramatic necklace, but I’m sure I don’t like her oversize pinky ring.

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