Hat From The Past: Off To the Races

A Flashback 46 years ago, a young Prince of Wales accompanied his parents to Ascot. The Prince and Duke of Edinburgh were in grey top hats while the Queen wore a turban entirely covered in silk blooms. It is a lot of hat for a petite monarch (one that could easily overshadow its wearer) but it is delightfully fun on Her Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth, Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Charles, August 18, 1968 | Royal Hats

Photo from Keystone/Stringer via Getty

5 thoughts on “Hat From The Past: Off To the Races

  1. I’m sorry to be pedantic on your EXCELLENT website, which I enjoy VERY much, but that photograph would not have been taken 46 years ago TODAY! It was taken on the drive to Royal Ascot, which ALWAYS takes place in June, never in August when The Queen is in Scotland.
    Again, may I say how very much I enjoy seeing your photographs and reading your articles.

    • That didn’t escape me… I wondered if it was actually the Celebration Mile race which was run that day at Goodwood but I can’t imagine carriages were used for arrival at Goodwood.

  2. That likely was considered fashionable then. The picture is not in colour. I think it is bright cheerful and happy. I have no problem with it. Sure wish her hats today were bright cheerful and happy.

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