Birthday of Princess Mette-Marit

Royal HatsCrown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway celebrates her 41st birthday today. While we have seen her in some bold, big-brimmed hats and some very daring fascinators in the past, Mette-Marit’s hats over the past three years have been very sedate (most often, replaced with a small, sedate headpiece). I’m not sure what has prompted this hat hiatus for the Crown Princess but I would love to see her regain her millinery stride. I admire the work of Norwegian milliner Ingrid Herud Bråten and would love to see her black wool hat on Princess Mette-Marit. The shape is decidedly modern with a square crown and short brim; the black ruffle trim is a feminine but not too fussy. Mette-Marit often wears ivory or white and I think this black hat would be a wonderfully contrasting touch.

Ingrid Herud Braten design

As we celebrate Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s birthday, what hat would you like to see her wear? Please credit designers when you make your suggestion.

Photo from Ingrid Herud Bråten

24 thoughts on “Birthday of Princess Mette-Marit

  1. The Ingrid Braten black hat with ruffles is fabulous!

    I think Sarah Cant would be a great designer for MM. Her looks are modern, clean and slightly edgy which is perfect for her.

  2. I do like the shape of Ingrid Herud Bråten’s black wool hat and I could see it on Princess Mette-Marit, however, I don’t like the edging which looks frayed. I do love her in some of her Philip Treacy tilted brimmed hats. I found this red one on his website that I think would be perfect for her. There are also quite a few hats on this link that wold also do the job pretty well. and it’s hat number OC681

    • Sorry, but I think that hat would be horrible on MM. It’s too bright, to big, too flash, too fussy, too everything. Edgy would work for her but in something much smaller, creative, modern and clean.

  3. Not familiar with this Norwegian milliner but the hat is sublime. So chic with Princess Mette Marit’s cream wardrobe. Excellent choice!

    • A very creative hat where the trim and the shape go very well together. The more I read this blog, the more I appreciate creative designs that are not something we have already seen before.

  4. I prefer fascinators and pillbox on Mette-Marit. Especially in either very dark or very pale hue. The one she wore for the Monaco Royal Wedding, July 2, 2011 and the ones for welcoming the Russian and Lithuanian Presidents on State Visits on April 26, 2010 and April 5, 2011 are beautiful!

  5. The overall shape of the Ingrid Braten is really great, I think it will greatly suits the Crown Princess.
    I have also just seen this one from Jane Taylor, and I think this lilac coloured number will be so elegant on her.

  6. That is one great looking hat, so perfect. And Thank You for putting me in touch with the Etsy site, being an Etsy fan and shopping there for ole vintage items, that is wonderful. Since I so love hats I found one of hers that I like, darn check book keeps getting smaller all the time, lolololo

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