This Winter in Royal Hats

A Designer 2 A number of milliners whose work we regularly see on royal heads have recently released their 2014 Autumn/Winter collections. Over the next few weeks, we will take a peek at some of these collections and guess which designs might appear on royal heads this season.

Gina Foster AW 2014 Malacite Gina Foster AW 2014 Celestine Gina Foster AW 2014 Bornite Gina Foster AW 2014 Lapis

Designer: Gina Foster AW 2014: Mineral Collection
Synopsis: Foster’s signature small-scale berets and cocktail hats in bright velour felts and gun-metal silks. The collection is also permeated with a few hits of faux leopard print and peacock feathers. Clean and modern with soft lines.
Royals likely to wear these designs: Duchess of Cambridge, Zara Phillips Tindall, Autumn Phillips (I really hope Autumn picks up the red embellished trilbey). Grand Duchess Maria Teresa wore a Gina Foster hat this summer – there is a melusine felt calot in this collection that would be great fun on her. There is also a beautiful peacock feather fascinator that I hope to see on a royal head.

Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014 Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014  Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014  Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014  Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014  Rachel Trevor Morgan AW 2014

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan Autumn Winter 2014
Synopsis: Cocktail hats, dramatic headpieces, pillboxes, embellished berets and larger scale hats in eye-catching jewel tones. It’s collection of mixed materials- velour felt, silk taffeta and straw- and bold spike feather, tartan and wide-weave net tulle trims. Vibrant, dramatic and strong.
Royals likely to wear these designs:  Zara Phillips Tindall wore several Rachel Trevor Morgan cocktail hats last year and I hope she will pick up some of the more dramatic pieces in this collection. I also hope that some of the spike feathers and tartan silk taffeta roses in this collection are translated onto a few new hats for Queen Elizabeth. There is a stunning olive felt beret with pheasant feathers that I would love to see on Princess Beatrice of York and I think the red embellished beret above would be fantastic on the Duchess of Cambridge.

I am curious to hear your thoughts about these collections. Are there any designs that particularly jump out to you? Are there any hats that you can see as a particularly perfect fit with a certain royal?

Photos from Gina Foster Millinery and Rachel Trevor Morgan Millinery

13 thoughts on “This Winter in Royal Hats

  1. Thanks Hat Queen for bringing us some fabulous hats. I would love to wear any or all of these. Hopefully we’ll see them all worn by the royals.

  2. These are lovely! I would take any of them….
    You nailed it on your pick for the Grand Duchess–it’s a perfect selection for her.
    I think I can see the fuchsia Rachel Trevor Morgan on one of our royal ladies… Sophie, perhaps?
    The black cloche on Eugenie or Beatrice?

    • I agree with you Melly. The Calomel ocelot print in melusine felt that sits at the back of the head, Jackie-O style, would look stunning on Grand Duchess MT, and it would also look great on Princess Beatrice’s red hair. I would love to own this one myself.

    • They are wonderful, aren’t they? I really hope to see one of these roses on a new hat for the Queen. How fun would it be for her to debut such a hat at the Braemar Games, next weekend?!

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