Danish Royals Attend Wedding in Northern Ireland

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark attended the wedding of Irish actress Flora Montgomery and Danish restaurateur Soren Jessen today in Northern Ireland. The Crown Princess topped her exquisite pink lace dress with a headband fascinator of feathers in the same colour.  I think the fascinator looked a little too vaudeville for this finely detailed dress and am not a fan of them together. What do you think?

Crown Princess Mary, August 30, 2014 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this headpiece is new

Photos from Press Association via The Daily Mail

18 thoughts on “Danish Royals Attend Wedding in Northern Ireland

  1. Well, she looks nice and appropriate, but his waistcoat is a little too much, is it a heavy brocade or velvet? nice I am sure but a bit too much like flock wallpaper from the 1970s!! reminds me of a curry on the way home from a disco.,

  2. I don’t like the coat with the dress and the hat looks like a smaller version of something the Queen Mother would wear. Fred, on the other hand, looks wonderful. These kinds of vests are traditional at UK/Irish weddings.

  3. I think this fascinator makes Mary look matronly. I wonder if it is true that she snatched the coat at the last minute because it was unseasonably cool. It’s the only reason to wear it. Fred, while I appreciate the thought, looks like he stole someone’s sofa cushion and tucked it under his jacket.

  4. That dress is fab, but (a bit like Victoria on the same day) it’s a mismatch with the coat. I don’t hate this fascinator and if it were just with the dress then it could work as being vaguely flapperish. As it is, the whole look is a bit thrown together, we know Mary can do much better. To give her a pass though, it’s gotten unseasonably chilly in the UK; perhaps the coat was a last minute addition for the weather. Yes, let’s go with that!

  5. I love your descriptions and find they are exactly what I would say if I could find the words! yes, vaudeville! Many times Mary wears coats shorter than her dresses and I dislike that look intensely. Fred, there, seems quite colorful, but I prefer his “get up” to Mary’s this time.

  6. The pink fluff is insignificant but not offensive. Fred’s vest on the other hand…I don’t know – it looks like something his mother might have designed. Which is good…but not at this event.

  7. I think this is a couple miss, unfortunately. These two are always turned out so nicely and are just cute in general. 😦

  8. For me, I think “appropriateness” would be the deciding factor here: time of day, how were other guests attired, etc. On its own merits, I rather like the dress/ fascinator combo. I think the coat is what doesn’t work here.

  9. Tired of those things, fascinators, on the head. This is a big miss for me, I also don’t like coats that are shorter then dresses, makes a lady look like something is off in the bottom of the outfit. The fascinator is childish with all the feathers sticking out………

  10. For me this was a miss. I think C.P. Mary is lovely. I admire her and most of the time I love her style, but do not care for this feathery choice.

  11. Dont like the fascinator and I hate dresses that are longer than the coat. But she looks good and the dress looks lovely, esp the ‘pleat’ look at the bottom.

  12. Hm, no, I think they go quite well together, as I think they are about the same place on a scale of heaviness / lightness. They’re both rather summery and light looking (I don’t mean literally heavy / dark or light, I mean in terms of mood / atmosphere). Having said that, I’m always one for a proper hat!

    • I agree with you. And I do not mind the coat either. The difference in length is enough to call the coat 7/8 length and it shows just enough of the lovely dress

  13. This was literally 5 miles from my house! So cross I didn’t bother to go and see the wedding, I debated it and they decided to watch tv instead. Bad choice!

    I am not a fan of fascinators in general but I quite like this one.

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